2 Line Heart Touching Birthday Wishes

27 happy birthday wishes found:

For the magnificent person that you are, may your birthday this year be a truly unforgettable one.

Best wishes to you.
Happy heartfelt birthday to you, my dear
Wishing you a birthday like no other
From the very bottom of my heart
I’m wishing you a wonderful day.

Happy birthday to you.
I’m wishing you a spectacular day 
From the deepest depths of my heart. 

Happy birthday to you, my dear. 
Happy birthday, my dear.

I’m wishing you a birthday
full of love and full of joy.
May your birthday shine as
brightly as you do in my heart.

Best wishes to you ✨
Forever and always you will be
That someone special to me.

Happy birthday, my dear.
Sending sweet wishes your way
from the bottom of my heart
as you celebrate your most
special day of the year today!

Big heartfelt congratulations to you!
I’ve been patiently waiting to wish you a happy birthday from the bottom of my heart all year, and now the day has come, it’s finally here.

Happy birthday ❤️
May your birthday this year
Be filled with love, my dear.

Wishing a very happy birthday
To you with all my heart ❤️
This year, I hope that your special day warms your heart with love and fills your soul with joy.

Happy birthday to you ❤️
Today, you celebrate another year 
May the next one be just as dear. 

Happy birthday to you 🎂 
Happy birthday to a special someone 
who constantly warms my heart ❤️

I’m lucky to have you in my life. 
I’m sending the most beautiful birthday wishes to someone with the sweetest soul today.

May you enjoy your special day. 
Many happy returns to you. 

I’m sending special wishes your way this year, for yours is a birthday I hold dear.
Many happy returns 🎂 

May your special day this year be packed full of heart-warming moments for you to cherish.