60+ Funny Birthday Wishes for a Crazy Friend

Wishing you a very happy birthday,
my dear friend and beloved ex!

I must’ve been crazy to have ever
let you go, but I am so glad that I
had the opportunity to experience
so many great moments with you.

I’m genuinely happy that you have
found happiness and I am glad that
we still keep in touch.

All the very best to you
on your special day!
Happy birthday to my sometimes crazy but always awesome cousin!

I’m so lucky to have someone as fun and as wonderful as you in my life. You’re like the greatest friend and best brother all in one!
I don’t know what I did to deserve a best friend like you, but I must have done some pretty crazy things in a previous life! Happy birthday, girl!
Happy birthday to my friend who
does a super job of keeping me
sane in a workplace that tends
to turn most people crazy!

Wishing you all the best today!
Having had a crazy friend like you
in my life since childhood says more
about me than it does you, I think!

I mean, I can’t be sane but at least
we can be bonkers together!

Happy birthday to you today, bestie!
I always thought that I was the weird one, 
but having a crazy best friend like you 
makes me feel somewhat normal! 

Best wishes to you on your special day, girl!
Happy birthday to my fav!

Having such a funny best friend who I
share the same crazy sense of humour
with is amazing beyond words!

You fill me with laughter and happiness
every day and I am so grateful to have
you in my life!
My friend! I want to wish you a happy,
happy birthday!

Don’t worry, I haven’t gone crazy!
I know your birthday isn’t for another
few days yet but I just couldn’t wait
to wish you a happy birthday!

I hope you have a truly awesome day!
Dude, when the cake is cheaper than the
candles, it means you are getting old!

Have a crazy birthday, bestie!

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