Birthday Messages for Son

480 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy birthday to
my darling son!

Today I am wishing you
nothing but happiness,
love and joy,
and only the best
for my blue-eyed boy.

You are my life,
my whole, and
my reason for
You keep my heart
full of love, and you
are the meaning of
what true happiness is.

Have a joy-filled day,
my dear. I wish for your
life to be free of stress
and worry, and that you
are always as happy as
you have made me,
your mother.
Happy birthday, my grown-up son!

Seeing you grow from a little boy into a great man has been one of my greatest joys in life!
Today, I'm wishing a very happy birthday
to my most treasured human being!

My dear son, you continue to grow up
and get older, but to me, you’ll always
be my sweet little boy!

I hope that today you have the most
special birthday of all, and I hope that
each year that follows is blissful and
brings you but love and happiness!
Happy birthday to a man
Who has a heart of gold
Which only gets bigger
The more he grows old.

I’m so proud to be your son
That feeling increases each year
There's nobody else I'd rather
Have as my dear old father.
As you turn 18 today, my dear son, I just want to wish you a bright future with endless possibilities. That’s nothing less than an incredible boy like you deserves.

May you have a very happy birthday.
Wishing my incredible little birthday boy the most fabulous birthday ever!

You bring so much happiness into my life, that on your special day all I want is to see you as happy as you can possibly be!

You are such a remarkable child and I don’t just say that as your mom. Everybody agrees and they regularly tell me just how amazing you are!

I hope that you never change, my wonderful son! 

Sending you all my love, big kisses, and the tightest hugs on your birthday this year!
A friend to many
A son to one
I am so blessed
To be your mom.

Happy birthday, my boy.

On your special day this year,
I simply want you to know that you
mean the world to me and more.

Happy birthday and best wishes
from your son. 
There’s no team quite like a mother and
son team! You can always rely on me just
as I know I can always depend on you.

Happy birthday, mom.
Son, I’m sending lovely thoughts and wishes your way, on your very special day today. Happy birthday with love from mom.
A simple birthday wish 
From your dear mother
I hope that this birthday 
Is like no other!

Happy birthday, son!
For all that you are
And all that you do
I couldn’t wish for a 
Better father than you.

Happy birthday from
The world’s luckiest son.
Happy birthday, mom!

As your son, I feel that it is my duty to
make sure you have an incredible
birthday and that all of the attention is
on you today!

I owe so much to you that I all I want
for you on your special day is for you
to have the absolute best time possible!

Enjoy your day, mom! Love you lots!

Like father, like son
Is all I’ve ever wanted to be
You’re a truly inspirational
And wonderful man to me
I am very blessed to have 
A role model who’s so great
One of whom each day
I’m proud to celebrate.

Happy birthday, dad, from 
Your always admiring son.
To my dear boy,
My pride and joy
I’m wishing you a
25th birthday full
Of happiness
And delight!

Here’s to you 
And the wonderful 
Son that you are!