Birthday Messages for Son

480 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy birthday, son.

Today you become one year older
And more incredible than ever before.

I am so proud to be your father
Today, tomorrow, and always.
Happy birthday, my dear son!

It doesn’t make any difference how old you get, whether you are 20, 30, or even 50, you will always be my little boy! You are my child and I’ll always see that little kid I raised, even well into your adulthood!

Big kisses from your mother, and with all my heart have a fabulous day!
Son, you’re growing up to be
A truly great man inside and out.
You’re a man after my own heart!

Happy 18th birthday from dad!
My dear father, I want you to know,
on your special day, that you have
been a huge inspiration to me over
the years, and yet you continue to
be so even more.

I am so fortunate to be your son, and
I am just so thankful for everything
you have done for me.

Happy birthday to you and thank you,
from the very bottom of my heart.
Few days are as special
As the day we celebrate
The anniversary of when
You came into the world.

Happy birthday to you
My dear, wonderful son
With lots and lots of love
From your adoring mom.
Ever since I was small and just a boy, I’ve always seen you as a superwoman who could do anything and everything. That remains unchanged to this day, as you will always be the woman I look up to, mom.

Happy birthday from your son 🎂
Mom, I don’t think I tell you enough how very special and important you are to me.

I hold you very dear to my heart and I truly appreciate all that you have done for me ever since day one.

Your kind, caring and nurturing nature has allowed me to become the man I am today, and not to sound conceited but I think you’ve done a pretty great job!

Thank you for everything, mom, you really are a magnificent lady and a fantastic mother. I really am one lucky son.

Happy birthday, you deserve the most wonderful day, mom!
Happy 18th birthday to you, my dear son.

You might have entered adulthood today
but deep at heart, you will forever remain
my little boy. I have so many magical
memories of you growing up, each of
which I will always cherish.

Here’s to your adult years ahead and
creating many more memories to come.
Happy birthday to my fantastic father!

Every son has that one truly special man that they look up to and admire the most, and I couldn’t say with more pride that you are that person to me, dad.

I am so lucky to have the world’s best mentor and most supportive parent.
Happy birthday to my dad
The greatest man of all
Who’s taken care of me
Since I was really small!

Best wishes from your son!
Beloved son, today you are celebrating 25 years of life, and what a wonderful journey you have been on so far!

I have no doubt that you’ll continue to do great things throughout the next quarter of a century, too!

Happy birthday to you today!
The most important birthday of
the year has come around again!

It’s the birthday of my dear mom!

Wishing you the best, from your
caring son!
Happy birthday from your wonderful son!

You did a super great job of raising me,
dad, even if I may say so myself!

A man after my own heart
You’re the one I most admire
You’ll forever be my hero
A presence I’ll always require.

Happy birthday dad 
From your adoring son!
My beloved baby boy, today we
celebrate your first birthday ever.
Happy birthday, son from mom.
May each year of your life yet to
come be filled with pure happiness.