Birthday Messages for Son

481 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy 1st birthday to my blue-eyed baby boy! Today we celebrate your first ever birthday, and I hope you always know that you are everything to me. 
Happy birthday to someone who is an integral part of my life: my mom!

I have so much to thank you for, mom. Had you not nurtured and cared for me the way you did when I was growing up, I wouldn’t be the man I am today.

I’m sending all my love to you on your special day, mom!
Happy first birthday, baby boy! For twelve months you’ve been blessing our lives with joy and love.

All we want is for you to grow and never be short of happiness, and that you are able to achieve all of your dreams.

We love you!
Happy birthday, my perfect child!

I feel as though I won the jackpot when it comes to kids as you are such a joy, my dear boy!

Thank you for being such an easy, dream of a child!

Enjoy your special day, from daddy!
You’re one year old today, 
It’s your very first birthday
And already I have more
Love for you than anything 
Else in this world. 

Happy 1st birthday from mom.
Baby boy, it’s your very first birthday today!

One whole year has passed since you
entered the world and our hearts, and
what an adventure we’ve had so far!

You are the light of our lives and the most
precious little person, and we promise to
always love and protect you until the very
end of time.
On your special day this year, I wanted
to give you some words of wisdom from
your old man.

Always follow your heart and pursue
your dreams, my boy. If you don’t, you
will only live to regret not taking a chance
and you’ll forever wonder about what
could have been.

Carry that strong determination you have
with you throughout life and you’ll achieve
anything you set your heart on.

Above all, always be happy in whatever it
is that you choose to do.

Wishing you a glorious birthday this year,
my dear boy.
Happy birthday to the greatest father who has shaped me and taught me everything I know. I am the man I am today because of you, dad.
Happy birthday to our little cracker of a boy who turns 3 today!

All we want for you in life is for you to always be happy, sweetheart! We will do whatever we can to make sure of that.

We love you so much! 
Happy birthday, our beautiful little boy!

Today is your 5th birthday which means you can now count all of your years on one whole hand!

You’re a little cracker of a kid and we are so very proud of you!

Lots of love from mommy and daddy!
Wishing you the best birthday today, ma!

I hope that your special day this year is a peaceful one!
Happy birthday, my dear boy!

You continue to bring joy to my life and warmth to my heart! I’m a very proud dad, that I can say with absolute certainty!

Wishing you the best on your special day this year!
Happy birthday to you today, dad. On your special day, I want you to know how much I love and respect you for the remarkable man that you are.

I can only hope that someday I too will be looked at as a wonderful role model like you, and live up to the great father that you are.
Happy 1st birthday to the most precious part of my life: my beautiful baby boy! I hope you can sense just how much love daddy has for you!
My little boy is getting bigger, for today he turns 5!

Happy 5th birthday, my darling! I love you to the end of the world and back again!