Birthday Messages for Son

481 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy birthday to my lovely mom!

For everything you do for me and many others, you deserve to be spoiled all day long on your special day!

I hope you have the best time today and enjoy the celebrations that I have planned for you!
There are lots of things that I’m
grateful for, but my proudest claim
in life will always be that I’m able
to say I have you as a father.

You are the greatest role model
and that will always be something
I am incredibly thankful for.

I’m wishing you the very
happiest birthday, dad.
Mommy, you are the most incredible
parent and a lady so full of love, so
may your special day today be just
as sweet and beautiful as you are.

Happy birthday to you today from
your ever-adoring boy.
On your special day
I just want to say
That you are the man
I aspire to be and I owe 
So much to you, dad.

Happy birthday, dear father.
Dad, you are the person I have always looked up to with love, admiration, and total respect.

You have taught me all the lessons in life I could ever need and more. If I grow up to be even half the man you are, then I would be more than content.

I hope you have the wonderful birthday this year that you are so deserving of, papa.
Happy birthday, dad.

On your special day this year,
I want you to know that you
are the man I look up to most.
I always have and I always will.

I’m sending my very best wishes
your way today.
My very own little monster turns 4 today!

Sending you lots of love and wishing you a terrifyingly great birthday, buddy!
Happy birthday to mommy’s little helper!

I have lots of fun activities planned for us to do together on your 4th birthday! We are going to have lots of fun today, my lovely boy!

The biggest joy in my life is seeing you happy and watching you develop as you get older. I hope you always have the desire to learn and grow!
Today is the first birthday of my beautiful baby boy! Happy birthday, my sweetheart!

You are a little treasure and you deserve a lifetime of happiness, which is why I’ll make it my mission to ensure that’s exactly what you get, little one!
Happy birthday, my magnificent little man!

I see so much of myself in you from when I was your age, which truly is a joy to see! It’s nice to know that you’re a man after my own heart!

Wishing you much happiness on your special day today, my boy!
Happy birthday, ma! I’m wishing for only lovely things to bless you on your birthday this year!

You deserve a day of being pampered, for all that you do for everyone else!

I hope you are surrounded by happiness and all the love in the world today!
Our little bundle of joy turns 3-years-old today! You are the sweetest baby boy that any parent could ask for!
Dad, you are a man who is more
meaningful to me than any other.
You are the most inspirational
figure in my life, and the man I
always aspire to be.

In short, you’re one in a million,
dad. Happy birthday to you.
Today is the first birthday of many for you, my sweetheart, and I want you to always know that my whole world revolves around you, my beautiful boy!

Happy birthday!
Happy 1st birthday to our little man!

You may be small, but the love we have for you is anything but. You stole our hearts from the very beginning, and our love for you has only grown since.

You are our universe, baby boy!