Birthday Messages for Son

481 happy birthday wishes found:

My spectacular son, I’m wishing you
the happiest of birthdays from the
deepest depths of my heart today.

You continue to inspire and delight
just by being the wonderful person
that you are, my sweet boy.
You are my biggest blessing and my greatest joy. I adore you with my whole entire heart, I always have, and I always will.

May you have the spectacular birthday that you are so deserving of this year, my dear son. Happy birthday from mom.
Wishing you a very happy birthday as you turn 18 today, son! May you have only the brightest and happiest years ahead of you!
Happy birthday to a little champ
who brings so much happiness
to this family of ours!

I idolize you, son, and for good
reason! You continuously give
me cause to smile and rejoice,
with all of your achievements
and wonderful progress in life!

I hope you continue on this
great path that you are on! 

Wishing you a day filled with
happiness, sport!
Happy birthday, son!

Once you were a tiny baby,
now you are a big boy and
one day I hope you’ll be a
great man. That’s the path
I’ll be glad to see you take,
but nonetheless, wherever
you go, whoever you
become, I will always love
you and be proud of you.

Have a wonderful day!
A son like you who has created a love so true will forever be a special blessing in my life.

Happy birthday from mom, my dear boy.
Happy birthday to a special little 
man who means more to me than 
anything else in this world. 

You are my everything and more, 
the person I most adore, son.
My dearest son, on your special day,
I have just one thing I'd like to say.
I want to make it plain and clear
that to me, you are so very dear.

Keep making me the proudest
father in the world, my boy. 
If ever there was a time to tell you how incredibly important you are and just how much you mean to me, it would be today on your 18th birthday. Happy birthday and best wishes to you, my dear son.
A son who is so dear
Whether you’re far or near
Will always be the most
Special person in my life.

Many happy returns to you.
I’m wishing you the very
Happiest of birthdays from
My heart, my wonderful boy.
My dear boy, I wish you a very happy
birthday today! I am so proud of you
and the direction your life is taking!
I know I’m biased but I truly believe
you are destined for great things!

Maintain your high level of commitment
in everything you do and the world
will be your oyster!

Love you lots, and have a fantastic day!
Happy birthday, dad. I consider myself to be one of the luckiest sons in the world, as having a father and role model like you is a true blessing.
Happy birthday to my beautiful baby boy! You only turn 1 once, so I'll cherish this day with all my heart for all the years to come.
All I wish for you in life, my dear boy, is that you can find love and happiness in everything that you do. Happy birthday!
I have only the warmest birthday wishes for you today, mom. I hope you know just how much of a wonderful mother and a special lady you are to me.