Birthday Wishes for Special Person

Were found 78 happy birthday messages:

It’s difficult to find the words to express exactly how much you mean to me and to accurately describe the incredible human being that you are.

Though really all you need to know is that you warm my heart each and every day just by being you.

Happy birthday to you today from the bottom of my heart, my dear.
You are as special as can be
For a special person in my life
For someone who has touched my
heart in more ways than one, I am
sending lots of love and the best
birthday wishes possible today.

May your special day bring you
nothing but happiness and joy,
just the way you deserve it to be.
A birthday wish from my heart to yours
You'll always mean the world to me
Today is the special day of someone who is very special to me and I am grateful for the privilege of sharing another wonderful moment of your life.

May you have the most wonderful birthday and many more to come!
Happy birthday to somebody so very dear to my heart!

I searched the dictionary cover to cover, but there are simply no words that adequately describe just how special of a person you are to me.

You truly mean everything to me, my dear!
I wish so many good things for you today
on your special day, for you are someone
who is special in every single way. May
each moment meet you with tenderness,
filling your heart with endless happiness.

Happy birthday, my dear.
Your birthday truly is something special as it’s an indication that you’ve got another year older, but it also marks another year of your life that you’ve been in mine which is equally as special. You mean a great deal to me, my dear, and I hope you know that.

May you have a beautiful birthday today and a joyous year to follow.
I’m wishing you a very
happy birthday, love!

I hope that nothing but
happiness comes your way
today, and may your special
day this year warm your heart
in the same way you warm
mine each and every day.
Someone as special as you deserves happiness every single day, but even more so on your birthday.

I’m wishing you well and hoping that all the best things in life come your way today.

Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to a super special friend of mine! Each year you shine brighter than ever before!
You are such a special friend of mine and that’s why today, I am sending you a birthday message from my heart to yours.

May everything you’ve been wishing for in life come true for you this year, my dear.
Happy birthday to you today, my
handsome love.

You always mean everything to me
and so much more than words alone
can say, whether you’re here close to
me or even from a distance, far away.

So for someone so truly outstanding
in my life, I hope you have the most
wonderful day possible. Enjoy your
special day, my love.
Happy birthday to you, my dear.

There is yet to be a word powerful
enough to suitably express just how
much you mean to me, as there are
currently no words alone that can
adequately tell you that.

Even if you put together all of the
best words in the dictionary, they
still wouldn’t be enough to match
the beautiful soul that you have.
You are the sunshine in my life
You warm my heart with love
You’re the spring within my step
A true gift from above.

To say I’m lucky to have you
Doesn’t even come close
As you truly are remarkable
And more unique than most.

Happy birthday, my love.
Happy birthday, special one!

Of course, I only ever want you to
be happy, but I’m wishing you all the
happiness in the world on this very
special day of yours!

May your heart be filled with joy
and warmed with emotion!
Wishing a happy birthday to someone who is funny, charming, beautiful and unique!

It’s these qualities of yours that makes you such a wonderful person, my dear!