Birthday Wishes for Special Person

Were found 31 happy birthday messages:

Today is the special day of someone who is very special to me and I am grateful for the privilege of sharing another wonderful moment of your life.

May you have the most wonderful birthday and many more to come!
You are as special as can be
For a special person in my life
Happy birthday, my dear! To say you’re a special person to me would be an understatement! I’m wishing you all the best on your day today!
Happy birthday to a super special friend of mine! Each year you shine brighter than ever before!
Happy birthday to somebody so very dear to my heart!

I searched the dictionary cover to cover, but there are simply no words that adequately describe just how special of a person you are to me.

You truly mean everything to me, my dear!
For a truly special person
On your special day
There is but one thing 
That I’d like to say.

Without you in my life
Would make it incomplete
And each and every day
Would be far less sweet.

I’m wishing you a lovely
Birthday today, my dear!
Happy birthday to you today, my dear!

You know that you are extremely special to me and that I care about you dearly.

I’m hoping God continues to bless you and fills your days with love and happiness!
Today is a particularly special occasion and calls for celebration, as one of the most special people in my life is celebrating another birthday!

I hope today brings you all the love and happiness you are so deserving of!

Happy birthday!
Wishing a happy birthday to someone who is funny, charming, beautiful and unique!

It’s these qualities of yours that makes you such a wonderful person, my dear!
An inspirational figure, a heart-touching friend, and a wonderful person in general - there are so many reasons for why you are such a special person to me!

I’m wishing you the extraordinary birthday that you so deserve, my dear! I hope you have a good one!
Happy birthday to someone who
I love and care about deeply!

You’ve had more of an impact
on my life than you’ll ever know,
my dear.
Happy birthday to my partner in crime! You are such a special person to me and you always will be, my friend!
Another year behind us and you
continue to touch my heart and
warm my soul, my dear!

You really are such a special
person to me and an important
part of my life! I’m wishing you
the most fabulous birthday today!
On your birthday this year
I just wanted you to know
That in my heart you are dear
And this feeling will only grow!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to someone who is
as spectacular as they are unique!

You are far more special than you
think you are, my dear!
Happy birthday to you today, my friend!

Let’s celebrate your birthday this year
by making a pact that we’ll always be
there for each other, no matter what.

You truly are so very special to me,
and my life would be incomplete
without you by my side!