540+ Lovely Birthday Wishes for Sister

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True happiness is seeing you smile
And hoping that it lasts for a while
So my wish for you on your special day
Is that all the very best comes your way.

Happiest of birthdays to you today,
My dear sister.
Beauty runs in our family, sis
An elder brother I’ll always look up to
Happy birthday to my twin sister and me!

Today is our day, so let us enjoy it the best way we know how: with lots of cake while surrounded by all of our favorites!
A sister you can share everything with
I’ve grown to love you, little sis
Happy birthday to the most 
Special sister!

It doesn’t matter if the distance 
Between us is short or long
You’ll never stop being dear to me
In my heart, you’ll always belong.

I hope you have a truly wonderful
Day full of celebration today, sis.
A sister who is far away
Big sisters are there for you no matter what
For my dear sister who truly deserves the
world, I’m wishing the most heartwarming
birthday I could give someone.

A very happy birthday to you, and may
your special day see that all of your
dreams and wishes come true.
No matter how old we grow or how far apart from one another we may be, you will always be the most special sister to me. Happy birthday, dearest sister.
You're my favourite person and best friend, sis
I have always looked up to you, sis
You were such a bratty little sister, always trying to take my things and tag along everywhere I went. Things had to be done your way or you would throw a tantrum.

Despite this, I want you to know that I love you to bits.

Have a fantastic birthday!
Today is my birthday but not mine alone
May beautiful things come your way, sister
I’m wishing a heartfelt happy birthday to my dear brother today as he turns another year older and more wonderful than ever. Best wishes to you from your adoring sister.
Officially you may only be my half-sister but to me, you’re a full sister! Happy birthday, sis!
I wish I wasn’t so far away on your
special day but know that I’m thinking
of you and wishing you the happiest
of birthdays today, my dear sister.

We’ll celebrate when we’re next
together in person, I promise.
I feel very fortunate to be the sister of a brother who is as heart-touching and as meaningful as you are to me. I’m sending you the best birthday wishes possible on your special day today, brother.
Happy birthday, my dear sister.

Every year that your birthday comes around it reminds me of all the wonderful memories I have of us, especially from our childhood since growing up with a girl as great as you made being a kid so sweet.

May your birthday this year warm your heart the way you’ve warmed mine all these years.
If I had to describe what a sister
means to me in one word, I would
simply say everything. You mean
the whole world to me and more,
sis. You truly are a godsend.

I’m wishing you the happiest
birthday possible today.
Happy birthday to my cheeky sister!

No matter how old we get, you always retain that childish playfulness that you’ve always had!
Happy birthday to my baby sister who sometimes is so annoying that I wish she was far away, but deep down I know I would miss her after just one day!

Happy birthday from your elder brother!
My dear sister, I’m wishing you the happiest of birthdays possible today. May you enjoy your special day to the fullest and cherish each day of this new year.

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