Birthday Messages for Sister

543 happy birthday wishes found:

Having an older sister is twice the fun,
twice the caring and twice the wardrobe!

Happy birthday!
You’re my true sister at heart, bestie
You’ll always be my sister from another mister
You are my friend, my best friend, my mother and my daughter.

All these words when I could have just said sister. Happy birthday, sis!
I’m blessed to have a sister like you
Happy birthday from miles away
On this very special day that is yours,
I have only the sweetest birthday
wishes for a sister who is as close
to my heart as you are. You truly
mean the world to me and I am so
grateful to have you in my life, sis.

Wishing you a truly fab birthday.
The cracks are finally starting to show, sis
I wish a warm and happy birthday
Happy birthday from your favorite sister! Anyone would be lucky to have a brother like you, but they would be even luckier to have a sister like me!
Happy birthday to my dear sister who I’m actually quite fond of now!

She’s not nearly as bad as I used to think she was when we were younger!
Sending my best wishes to you, sis
We may have argued as kids
I’m not only lucky to be a part
of the same family as you, I’m
extra lucky that I have you as a
sister. You make the world a
better place simply by being you.

I’m wishing you a birthday that’s
full of love and joy, sis.
I can consistently rely on you, sis
Circumstances might not allow us to see each other on your birthday this year, but we’re never truly apart. You’re my sister and I’ll always have you close at heart.
A sister like you
There are not two
Which is probably a good thing
Since I’m not sure the world is
Ready for another one like you!

Happy birthday, my wonderfully 
Unique sis!
Today, I’m wishing a very happy birthday
to my sister who has everything she could
ever wish for, including a wonderful sister
like me, most importantly of all!

Enjoy your special day, sis! I hope that it’s
as special as I am!
You are so much more than just
my greatest and dearest friend.
To me, you are my true sister,
even if we do come from
different misters.

I’m wishing you all the happiness
that you so deserve on your
special day this year, my dear.
Happy birthday to my great sister who’s lucky enough to have an even greater sister! May your special day be as fabulous as we are!
Happy birthday, little sis!

Over the years you have driven me up the
wall and tried my patience time and time
again, but really I have you to thank for
that as it’s partly down to you that I’m such
a calm, patient, and zen person nowadays!
Twin sisters for life
We will always be 
A strong bond we share
You and me
There are very few who 
Are as lucky as we are
To have the most special
Connection by far. 

Happy birthday to us
Both today, my dear sis.
We might’ve been the greatest foes growing up together, but I’m so pleased that I can say you’re my best friend today! Happy birthday, sis!
Happy birthday, girl!

In another lifetime we must’ve been sisters, as we are true soul sisters and our eternal bond is so strong!