540+ Lovely Birthday Wishes for Sister

548 happy birthday wishes found:

I’m not only lucky to be a part
of the same family as you, I’m
extra lucky that I have you as a
sister. You make the world a
better place simply by being you.

I’m wishing you a birthday that’s
full of love and joy, sis.
You're older but not any wiser, sis
We're twins but one of us is younger, sis
My dear sister,

I’m writing you a letter on your birthday, filled with words from the heart to let you know just how dear and meaningful you are to me. We grew up alongside one another, we’ve come a long way, making lots of wonderful and touching memories along the way. You always have, and always will be, one of the most special ladies to me.

May you have a truly happy and joy-filled birthday this year, sister.
People usually think you're the younger one
Our birthday is my favorite day of the year
Another year brings another 
birthday to celebrate a brother 
who is simply unlike any other. 
You are a godsend of a sibling 
and I’ll forever be grateful to be 
your sister. 

Happy birthday, dear brother. 
May your special day bring the 
same warmth and happiness to 
your heart as you bring to mine. 
You're the best sister no matter the distance
The person I love the most
The most amazing sister in the world deserves the happiest of birthdays! Have a great one, you are a blessing to everyone who knows you. Lots of love!
Wishing you the most blessed birthday ever, dear sister. May this year bring you many blessings and tons of joy.
A brother who will always be a blessing to me
Sometimes sassy but always fabulous
Close to my heart
You will always be
The whole entire world
You mean to me
Of you, I will forever be
So incredibly fond
For siblings undeniably share
A unique and special bond.

Happy birthday to you,
My dear sister.
Sweet wishes from across the miles, sis
Touching birthday wishes for my forever friend
Happy birthday to my cute, crazy, and
forever fabulous sister! You’re a girl I’m
almost always glad to have as my sister!
Happy birthday, my dear sister.

Just because we can’t be together in person, it doesn’t mean I’m not thinking of you on your special day today. You could be as far away as the moon and still, you’d never be far from my thoughts.

I’m sending my very best wishes and lots of love your way today, sis.
A sister like you truly is a special and
heart-touching blessing. I am beyond
lucky to have you in my life.

Happy birthday and best wishes, sis.
You’re another year older and another year dearer in my heart, sister. I will treasure our childhood memories forever and ever. Happy birthday to you.
We might not see each other as often as we used to when we were younger, dear sister, but I hope you know that you’re still just as important to me and you’ll always have a special place in my heart.

Wishing you the best birthday, sis.
I wish I wasn’t so far away
So that I could spend your
Special day with you today.
You mean the world to me
And you always will, sister.

Happy birthday.
Happy birthday from your favorite sister! Anyone would be lucky to have a brother like you, but they would be even luckier to have a sister like me!
You are so much more than just
my greatest and dearest friend.
To me, you are my true sister,
even if we do come from
different misters.

I’m wishing you all the happiness
that you so deserve on your
special day this year, my dear.
I am so fortunate to have you as my sister. May your birthday be filled with love, laughter, great surprises and all of your favourite things. Have a blessed day!

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