Happy Birthday Soul Sister

Were found 43 happy birthday messages:

In you, I found so much more than just a great friend. I found a true soul sister and somebody I know I can always count on.

I care a great deal about you and I have a lot of love for you, sis, and I hope you know that I’ll always be here for you too!

Wishing you the happiest birthday today!
We’re connected by our souls
A birthday as beautiful as our friendship
Happy birthday to one soul sister
from another! You mean the world
to me and I hope your special day
is nothing short of perfection!
My dear soul sister and kindred spirit, I’m
sending my best wishes your way on your
very special day today.

We share a bond unlike any other, and I
will always be grateful for having someone
as spectacular as you in my life.
Happy birthday, soul sister! You are my chosen family and I love you with every inch of my heart!
Today’s a special day not only for you but for me too, as it’s the birthday of my beautiful soul sister! May your day be as heart-touching as our friendship!
A friendship as beautiful as ours truly is one of the most wonderful and precious gifts any girl could hope for. I’m so lucky that I found my soul sister in you.

Love you, girl! Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to my awesome friend and soul sister!

You are the beauty and the brightness in my days that light up my life, so I’m hoping that your special day today is just as fabulous and as meaningful as you are to me!
Happy birthday to my lovely friend with the most beautiful soul of anyone I know!

I hold you dearly in my heart, and I hope you know that you can always confide in me. You truly are as close to me as a sister, my dear!
Happy birthday to a glam girl who I connect with on a much deeper level than just friends!

You’re my soul sister now and always!
Happy birthday to the kindest and most genuine person I have the pleasure and privilege of knowing!

There will always be a special spot in my heart for you, my dear, as you and your beautiful soul are so truly precious to me!
There are few things as comforting as being safe in the knowledge that a true, sister-like friend is only a phone call away. Happy birthday to you, my dear!
Happy birthday to a very special girl who’s close to my heart and even closer to my soul.

Enjoy your special day, my dear.
Happy birthday to my sister at the soul and a friend close to my heart! I hope your special day this year is everything you want it to be!
The truest and purest friendships are connected by the soul and go way beyond that of the standard type of friendship many experience in their lives.

You mean so very much to me and I feel you on a whole other level, my friend. You’re my spiritual sister and an integral part of my being.

Happy birthday to you today, my dearest!
Today, I’m wishing a beautiful birthday
to a beautiful friend of mine.

Sisters at the soul, you’ll always be one
of the most important people in my life.
I’m so grateful for the fabulous friendship
we share. Love you, girl.