540+ Lovely Birthday Wishes for Sister

543 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy birthday to you!

How is it that each year you get older, yet you become more and more beautiful, little sis!

Well, I’ll tell you why… It’s because you’re related to me! It runs in the family, my super gorgeous sister!
As young as you were
And as old as you’ll be
Just remember that you’ll
Always be older than me!

Happy birthday from your
Beautiful younger sister!
Happy birthday to the best brother of all time! Each year I thank my lucky stars for how blessed I am to be your sister!
Happy birthday, little sis!

We’ve shared many laughs
Too many times to quote
With a dear sister like you
I’ll always be able to gloat!
Happy birthday to a sister who is far
away but by no means less important
or significant to me.

You mean the absolute world to me
and I always carry you deep within
my heart wherever either of us may
go and however far from each other
we travel.

We’ll never grow apart and if
anything, the miles will ultimately
bring us closer together.

I’m wishing you a wonderful day,
my dear sister.
Brother, I’m wishing that all the
goodness in the world comes
your way on your birthday today.
May it be a truly super and
spectacular day for the genuinely
kind and warm-hearted person
that you are.

Best wishes and lots of love
from your sweet sister.
Although we are far from each other, know that I’ll always love and adore you for there is no friendship as great as that of a sister.

Happy birthday, sis.
Happy birthday to the only girl I trust with all of my secrets: my sister from another mister!
As siblings grow up, their paths
can take them on journeys that
go in different directions.

We might not share the same
hometown nowadays but even
with the greatest distance
between us, we will never
grow apart.

Happy birthday to you today,
my dear sister.
You’re the spitting image of our mother
A wonderful attribute given to you
You remind me of each other
In everything that you do!

Happy birthday, baby sister!

We grew up together
You've always been there
Supporting me through it all
And showing how you care
I have the best memories
Of how we’d play and share
We are brother and sister
We make a perfect pair.

Happy birthday from your sis.
Twins have a very special and unique connection, but really that connection is only as great as the bond that they share. I’m so glad that we decided to embrace ours and cherish it, sis.

You’re the most special person in the world to me, and the truth is simply that you always will be.

Happy birthday, my dear twin sister.
Happy birthday to my baby sister who
is so cute and funny, which is probably
why she reminds me so much of myself!
We’re so alike it’s scary!

Happy birthday from your equally
wonderful elder sister, sis!
These wishes are travelling a long distance to get to you, they’re coming from far away, but these heartfelt sentiments from your sister have only built up more meaning along the way.

Happy birthday to you, brother.
Happy birthday to a future leader: my small sassy sister! I’m wishing you a day full of happiness and a year ahead filled with endless possibilities!