540+ Lovely Birthday Wishes for Sister

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My dear sister,

It pains me to say happy birthday from
so far away, but I hope your special day
is as wonderful as you are.
Happy birthday to my favourite twin
sister! We’ve been the best of friends
since the very beginning and we will
be forevermore!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday
today, at least as wonderful as it is
for me, too!
Happy birthday to us!

There are few things as precious to me in this world as you are, my dear twin sister. You make each day brighter and so much better.

I truly am so thankful to have a forever friend and sibling like you!
Happy birthday to you today
my dear, ageing sister!

Looks like we might have to
get two cakes this year to
accommodate all of the candles!
There are many miles between us but
On your special day I want you to know
You’ll always be my dear sister
And I’ll always be your adoring bro.

Sending you lots of lovely wishes
From afar this year, sis.
We will be together forever, 
Nothing could ever tear us apart
For you’re my twin sister, 
And you’ll always be in my heart!

May we have a fabulous birthday
Today and may all of our hopes
And wishes come true!
Happy birthday, sister!

Today is your very special day
It’s your time to rejoice and gloat
In the fact you’ve been fabulous
For longer than I can quote!
For the very best brother
From your dear sister
This little birthday wish
Is full of love and meaning. 

I’m wishing you the very
happiest of birthdays today. 
Happy birthday, sister!

Enjoy your youthful beauty while you
still can, little sis, because once you
get to my age that all starts to change!
Near or far, no matter where in the world you are, you will always be one of my nearest and dearest. Happy birthday to you today, my dear sister.
Happy birthday to me and while I’m at it, happy birthday to my twin sister too!

Sharing a birthday with my sis isn’t the worst thing in the world, it just means there’s double the amount of presents and twice as much cake!
My beloved twin sister,
We share a connection 
That runs deep, 
A bond truly unique
Built strong enough
To last all eternity.
You’re a faithful companion
Through and through, and
I know I’ll always have
A true friend in you.
Friendship is a choice but when it
comes to family it’s all down to chance!

Thankfully, I was lucky enough to
end up with a sister like you!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to me, and to you too, I guess! You are a gift that keeps on giving, my dear sister!

In you, I know that I have a friend for life and someone who will always be by my side. We will stick together forever, sis!
My dearest twin sister, today sees us become older, wiser, and more beautiful than ever before! Our fabulousness is identical!

Here’s to us on our special day, and may this year to come be a truly wonderful one!

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