540+ Lovely Birthday Wishes for Sister

543 happy birthday wishes found:

You could be near or far, it doesn’t matter where you are, you’ll always have a very special place in my heart, sister. Happy birthday to you today.
Happy birthday, sister. You have always been a true inspiration to me and my greatest ally. I am so blessed to have a super spectacular sister like you.
My sweet sister, I’m wishing you the happiest of birthdays today from the deepest depths of my heart. You deserve a day that’s as full of joy as you are.
My dearest sister,

While I’m not able to celebrate your
special day with you in person this
year, know that you’re in my thoughts
and in my heart. 

I hope you have a truly fabulous day
of celebrations, just as you deserve.
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday to my little sister who only seems to get more beautiful each year! Either that or my eyesight is getting worse with age!
Happy birthday to my fantabulous sister!

You might have some growing up to do
yet, but there’s still plenty of time to get
to that at some point, sis!

Just enjoy life while you’re still young!
Well youngish, at least!
Happy birthday to my sister who
only gets more beautiful with age!

May you continue to defy mother 
nature for many more years to come!
For someone so special
The most wonderful sis
Yours is a birthday
I would never miss.

Wishing you a heartfelt
Happy birthday, sister.
It’s no secret that you’re getting older,
sis, but that doesn’t mean we have to
reveal exactly how old that is!

Just remember, the bigger that number
gets the more you owe me for keeping
things quiet!

I’ll always have your back, my dear sister!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, sister!

The older we’ve gotten the more I’ve grown to love you. Or maybe I’ve just gradually learned to tolerate you more over the years!

I’m just kidding with you, sis! I hope you have a great birthday and a fabulous year ahead!
The best brother in the world
Nothing has ever been so true
I’m a super lucky sister
To have a brother like you!

Happy birthday, bro!
Happy birthday, my dear sister!

Who would have thought that the person
who was once my biggest foe would
someday turn out to be my best friend!

Well, I have to tell you that the feeling is
mutual, sis, and I love you lots too!
Happy birthday to my favourite twin
sister! We’ve been the best of friends
since the very beginning and we will
be forevermore!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday
today, at least as wonderful as it is
for me, too!
You’re my best friend and kindred spirit, girl. These combine to make you much more like a sister to me than anything else.

Thank you for being a part of the truly unique and fabulous friendship that we share.

May you enjoy this birthday and many more wonderful ones to come. Happy birthday, sis.
Happy birthday, dear sister!

We used to fight, squabble, and argue, we would laugh together and make fun of each other. Actually, come to think about it, not a lot has changed really, little sis!