Funny Birthday Wishes for Elder Brother

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Happy birthday, my dear elder brother!

You may have a few years on me, but
you will never be wiser than me!

I have the benefit of watching you
make mistakes first, so I then know
what not to do!

Thanks for showing me the way, bro!
Happy birthday to the world’s most awesome cousin!

Wait, I meant to say happy birthday from the world’s most awesome cousin! You’re lucky to have someone as wonderful and as cool as me in your life, cuz!
As kids, you always took care of me
but now the time is approaching
where I’ll soon be looking after you!

You know, because you’re old!

Happy birthday, elder bro!
Happy birthday, brother!

Your cake this year is definitely going to
be a fire hazard, bro, so we’d better have
a fire extinguisher on hand just in case! 
It can’t be easy being the brother
of someone so amazing, but I hope
that today makes you happy since
it’s your birthday.

After all, it’s the one day of the year
where all of the attention will be on
you for a change!

Happy birthday, bro!
Happy birthday, big bro!

You’re going to need a big cake
this year to hold so many candles!
Happy birthday, cousin!

You may be another year older but you’d never be able to tell! I’m glad you’re still the same fun guy as when we were kids!
Happy birthday, dear brother!

I was going to buy you hair dye for your birthday gift this year, but then I thought a hat would be a better idea since it’ll cover both gray hair and your eventual baldness! I’m always thinking of you, bro!
Out of the two of us, we both know that I’m the funny one, bro, but it’s only because I’ve had years of learning from the best!

I’m wishing you a wonderful day today full of laughter and lots of fun! Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, cousin! Remember that you’re not another year older, you’re simply a day older than you were yesterday!
I didn’t get you anything for your birthday
this year, but I hope this personal and
heartfelt message makes up for it!

Sending you good thoughts and happy
wishes on your special day, bro!
Happy birthday to you!
Everyone’s youth must come to an end at some point, and it looks like this birthday marks the end of yours! It was fun while it lasted, bro! 😜
Happy birthday, cousin!

We make a great team, you and me.
Like a brother, you stick by my side,
forever loyal and dependable.

You are my partner in crime, the
Robin to my Batman. To me, you are
quite simply the world’s best sidekick!
Don’t worry about getting older, brother.
You’ll always have me as a constant
reminder of what it’s like to look young!

Happy birthday, bro!

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