Funny Birthday Wishes for Elder Brother

191 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy birthday to the world’s luckiest brother! If you’re wondering why you’re so lucky, it’s obviously because you have a super fab sister like me!
Happy birthday, little brother! You might be jealous of your big sister in many ways, but I’ll always be envious of the fact that you’ll always be younger than me!
Happy birthday to the best brother!

Sure, there were times growing up
together when I might have wished
that you were adopted or my brother
from another mother but in the end,
I’m glad you’re my blood-brother!

I could definitely have done a lot
worse and really there’s nobody else
I’d rather have grown up with, bro!
Happy birthday to my dashing
elder brother!

Good looks must run in the
family because, well, look at us!
Happy birthday, my dear cousin!

I just wanted you to know, on your special
day this year, that I always want to keep
you close to me.

Partly because you’re like a brother to me,
but mainly because you know so many of
my secrets!
I’m laughing at the fact that you’ve
just turned another year older today,
brother, but I’m sure I won’t be
laughing when it’s my turn next!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, big bro!

I know that we may fight and
argue sometimes and, although
I wouldn’t know, it surely can’t
be easy to always lose the battle!

So, for your gift this year, I’ll let
you win the next one, for once!
As you get older you get wiser… is
what I’d say to most people, but not
in your case, bro!

Happy birthday, my dear elder brother!
Happy birthday to my dear cousin and
brother for life who doesn’t get older,
he simply gets more awesome with
each passing year!

I’m sending you a big hug and the best
birthday wishes possible on your special
day, bro!
Happy birthday to my cousin brother!

Don’t worry about getting another year older, as you’ll always have me around to keep you feeling young and fun! You can always count on me, cousin!
Happy birthday to my best bud and
my brother from another mother!

May your special day be as
awesome as you are, cousin!
A brother like you is a dream come true,
if your dream is to have a super annoying
brother, that is!

How is it possible that with each passing
year, you find more new ways to bug me...
I guess you’re getting more experienced
with age, bro! Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, brother! Your birthday cake is definitely going to present a fire hazard this year, what with all the candles that’ll be on top of it!
Today’s a very special day as it’s the
Birthday of someone super special!
Happy birthday to you, cousin!

A cousin, best friend, and brother
Who means so much to me
Deserves many wonderful gifts
Not just one, not two, but three!
Happy birthday, brother!

You might be another year older, but that
doesn’t necessarily mean you’re any wiser!

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