Funny Birthday Wishes for Elder Brother

191 happy birthday wishes found:

You’re the best cousin ever, better than any big brother since we get to hang out and have fun but I don’t have to live with you! Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to you, brother! If
you’re concerned about getting older,
just remember that age is nothing
more than a number.

It just so happens that in your case that
number is becoming quite a big one!
It brings me great pleasure to be wishing a very happy birthday to my crazy cousin today! May your special day be as wonderfully weird as you are!
Today is kind of a big deal as it’s the birthday of my dear elder brother! I’ll never get tired of seeing you turn older than me every year!
Happy birthday, little brother! You can’t help but get older, but you can try your best to stay younger.

Just keep your childish sense of humor and don’t become any more mature! 
I’m so blessed to have both 
a brother and a buddy in you
all rolled up into one cute, 
adorable, tiny package! 

Happy birthday, little man!
Happy birthday, brother!

You might be another year older, but that
doesn’t necessarily mean you’re any wiser!
Happy birthday, little brother! 

Seeing what an honor it must be 
having a fabulous sister like me, 
I didn’t think it was necessary to 
get you any other gift this year!
Happy birthday, brother! Your birthday cake is definitely going to present a fire hazard this year, what with all the candles that’ll be on top of it!
I won’t make any age-related jokes on your birthday this year, bro, because I genuinely feel sorry for you! Chin up, old man!
Happy birthday from mom’s favorite,
brother! Don’t let that get you down
on your special day though, bro.
I’m sure you’re a very close second!
Happy birthday, my dear little brother!

I know you better than most seeing how I watched you grow up, so my birthday gift to you this year is that I’ll continue to keep all the things I know about you to myself and not reveal any of your secrets!

There aren’t many gifts as good as that!
A little brother is like
a super annoying flea:
They never leave you alone
and just let you be!

Happy birthday!
You’re not just a cousin but a brother too, but don’t be fooled into thinking that means you’ll get two birthday gifts this year! Happy birthday to you, bro!
On your birthday this year, little brother, I propose we make a pact. I won’t reveal your age, so long as you don’t tell anyone that I’m even older than you!

Happy birthday to you!

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