519+ Awesome Birthday Wishes for Your Brother

I’m wishing a heartfelt happy birthday to my dear brother today as he turns another year older and more wonderful than ever. Best wishes to you from your adoring sister.
Soon there won't be space on your cake
Having a twin brother isn’t all bad
A brother so close to my heart
Who’s been there from the start
I’ll always be there for you too
Supporting you in all that you do.

Happy birthday.
Two very special birthdays
A friend and a brother
There’s no other brother
Who’s quite like you
You truly are unique
And super awesome, too!

I’m sending the very best
Birthday wish your way,
So that you may celebrate
Your birthday in style today!
The big bro everyone wishes they had
There is no other like you brother
A friend, a mentor, and a true inspiration.
To me, you always have and always will
be so much more than just a brother.

Happy birthday to you today.
Happy birthday, my dear little brother!

I know you better than most seeing how I watched you grow up, so my birthday gift to you this year is that I’ll continue to keep all the things I know about you to myself and not reveal any of your secrets!

There aren’t many gifts as good as that!
Another year for your collection, big bro
Happy birthday to a friend turn brother
My dearest brother, your birthday is a
celebration of the good man that you
are so be sure to enjoy it as it only
comes around once a year!

Here’s to you and to a splendid year
ahead! Cheers!
A brother first and friend second
A heartfelt birthday wish for my brother
My sweet younger brother,
today you turn another
year older and I couldn’t
be prouder of the wonderful
man that you’re becoming.

I wish you nothing but the
very best in life, full of many
incredible achievements, and
I hope you have an amazing
future ahead of you.

I’m sending oodles of big
birthday love to you today,
dearest brother of mine!
Whether you are near or far away,
my wishes will always be for the
best to come your way.

Happy birthday from your sister,
my dear brother.
Many happy returns, brother.

May your birthday touch your heart
and fill it with joy, just as you’ve done
for me over the years.

Lots of love from your sister.
Dear brother,

I have only the most heartfelt 
Wishes for you as you celebrate
Another birthday today.

Happy birthday,
Your loving sister
Happy birthday to a brother like no other!

A unique and amazing guy like you,
There simply are not two! Which,
In turn, makes me a lucky sister, too!
Once a friend 
Now a brother 
True friendships
Like ours are
Not easy to find.
I’ll cherish our bond
Always and forever,
Best friend. 

Wishing the happiest 
Of birthdays to you. 
When I was little I used to think you were the strongest person on earth, but today I know that for sure.

You are the strongest human being on the planet and the one I most admire!

Happy birthday, big brother!
You aren’t simply my brother; you’re one
of the most special people in my life.

I'm so grateful each and every day to have
a brother who is so kind, sweet, and caring,
and who I know I can always count on.

Thank you for being you, bro. Happy
birthday to you today.
Happy birthday, my beloved brother!

It truly is a blessing to have such a good-hearted person as a sibling!