Birthday Wishes for Brother

534 happy birthday wishes found:

You must be getting older, brother, since you’re finally becoming less annoying!

My own birthday wishes must have come true as growing up with an annoying brother like you, I always hoped this day would come!
Happy birthday, brother!

I imagine that looking at me right
now must be like looking into a much
younger and better looking mirror!
Happy birthday, dear brother!

I was going to buy you hair dye for your birthday gift this year, but then I thought a hat would be a better idea since it’ll cover both gray hair and your eventual baldness! I’m always thinking of you, bro!
Happy birthday, bro!

I bet every sister wishes they had an amazing brother like you but luckily for me, you’re one-of-a-kind! There’s only one like you as you truly are a very unique and special sibling!
Happy birthday, brother!

I hope you receive everything you’ve been wanting this year, but really what better gift is there than the privilege of being my brother! After all, it is the ultimate gift you could wish for in life!
There’s a reason why brother and bother are almost spelt the same… Because in reality there’s very little difference between them!

Happy birthday, bro!
Happy birthday, brother!

Sometimes we might argue or have the occasional light-hearted fight, but when the dust settles and above all that, I think it’s clear for all to see just how incredibly dear you are to me!
A younger brother like you truly is a blessing.

Happy birthday. I’m sending heartfelt wishes your way on your very special day today.
Our friendship started out like any other
but over time, you became more like a
brother. I’m lucky to have a friend like you.

Happy birthday, buddy.
May this special birthday of yours be the best one yet, my dear brother!

You’re the greatest elder brother I could ever wish for, and I hope your special day brings you all the happiness and success you deserve! Happy birthday, bro!
Sweet, spectacular, and fabulous… but enough about me! Today is your special day, brother, so it should be all about you!

Happy birthday, bro. I’m sending you the biggest and best birthday wishes this year!
For an incredible brother like you
And for everything that you do
I’m wishing you a birthday full of joy
With many great moments to enjoy.

Happy birthday from sis.
Happy birthday, brother.

May this year ahead be kind to you,
at least as kind as your soul is.

You’re a truly wonderful person
inside and out with a huge heart,
and I only ever wish you happiness.

The best brother in the world
Nothing has ever been so true
I’m a super lucky sister
To have a brother like you!

Happy birthday, bro!
Dear brother, another year has
come and gone, which means that
it is the perfect opportunity to look
back and reflect on all of your
wonderful accomplishments.

May you have a birthday filled with
happiness, and here’s to another
great year ahead!