Birthday Wishes for Brother

529 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy birthday to my big brother
who thinks he’s a comedian, but
in reality really isn’t!

You’re still pretty funny though,
bro, just don’t quit your day job!
It’s not common to find a brother with such a perfect combination of love and kindness, so I consider myself to be very lucky as I have all of that in you and more. You truly are one in a million, brother.

Happy birthday to you with wishes full of love. 
The day you entered the world as my younger brother truly was one of the greatest blessings in my life, and that feeling has only grown stronger since. I’m very lucky to have a little brother as wonderful as you are.

From my heart to yours, I’m wishing you the very best and happiest birthday possible.
A bond as strong as ours 
That comes from the heart 
Means that even with great
Distance we’re never apart.

Happy birthday, my dear brother.
Happy birthday to my brother who I wouldn’t change for any other! You’re so close to perfect that I can’t imagine there’s another brother much better than you out there!
As you celebrate your special day today,
dear brother, know that you are in my
heart and in my prayers.

May your birthday be the first day of a
wonderful year ahead, bringing you
many blessings and great prosperity.

I’m sending you my best wishes for a
very happy birthday indeed.
Brother, may your special day today be as truly special as you are to me each and every day. You’re a true blessing of a brother that any sister would be lucky to have.

From the bottom of my heart, I’m wishing you the happiest and sweetest of birthdays this year. 
Happy birthday to my always annoying
but never boring brother!

I wouldn’t have you any other way, bro!
Happy birthday, brother!

You might be another year older, but that
doesn’t necessarily mean you’re any wiser!
Brother, I’m wishing that all the
goodness in the world comes
your way on your birthday today.
May it be a truly super and
spectacular day for the genuinely
kind and warm-hearted person
that you are.

Best wishes and lots of love
from your sweet sister.
I have only the most heart touching wishes for a brilliant brother like you on your birthday today. May your day be full of celebration and tons of emotion, leaving you with only the most wonderful memories of all the magical moments of your special day.

Happy birthday with all my love,
Your sister.

We grew up together
You've always been there
Supporting me through it all
And showing how you care
I have the best memories
Of how we’d play and share
We are brother and sister
We make a perfect pair.

Happy birthday from your sis.
My beloved brother, I’m sending
my most heartfelt birthday wishes
your way on your special day today.
You always have and always will
mean the absolute world to me
and more.

Enjoy your day, and may it be
full of joy and celebration.

Happy birthday, big brother.

No gift can compare to the years of love
and support that you have shown me.
I’m very lucky to have a sibling like you.
Brother, I have so much to be thankful for
simply due to your presence in my life.

I owe all of my cherished childhood
memories to you, and much of what I
do comes from being inspired by you.

Happy birthday to you today, and thank
you for being the remarkable role model
and incredible sibling that you are.