519+ Awesome Birthday Wishes for Your Brother

As you celebrate your special day today,
dear brother, know that you are in my
heart and in my prayers.

May your birthday be the first day of a
wonderful year ahead, bringing you
many blessings and great prosperity.

I’m sending you my best wishes for a
very happy birthday indeed.
A brother as awesome
And as meaningful as you
Deserves a great birthday
For everything you do!

Happy birthday to you, bro!
Happy birthday to my always annoying
but never boring brother!

I wouldn’t have you any other way, bro!
I’ve loved you since you were a little brother, and that love will only grow with you as you become older and a bigger brother to me.

I hope only the most heart touching day comes your way on your birthday today. Best wishes from your sister, my dear brother.
A bond as strong as ours 
That comes from the heart 
Means that even with great
Distance we’re never apart.

Happy birthday, my dear brother.
If more people had an incredible brother like you, the world as a whole would be a better place. Happy birthday, my dear brother.
Am I the favourite child or are you? Who cares, you're my favourite… and my only brother. Just kidding, lots of love on this special day!
Happy birthday, brother!

I imagine that looking at me right
now must be like looking into a much
younger and better looking mirror!
Our friendship started out like any other
but over time, you became more like a
brother. I’m lucky to have a friend like you.

Happy birthday, buddy.
It can’t be easy being the brother
of someone so amazing, but I hope
that today makes you happy since
it’s your birthday.

After all, it’s the one day of the year
where all of the attention will be on
you for a change!

Happy birthday, bro!
Dear brother, another year has
come and gone, which means that
it is the perfect opportunity to look
back and reflect on all of your
wonderful accomplishments.

May you have a birthday filled with
happiness, and here’s to another
great year ahead!
You must be getting older, brother, since you’re finally becoming less annoying!

My own birthday wishes must have come true as growing up with an annoying brother like you, I always hoped this day would come!
You’re another year older
So what can I say
It’s best not to think about it 
And just celebrate your day!

Happy birthday! 🎂 
Happy birthday to a brother who continues
to touch my heart year upon year.

To simply say that I am lucky to have a brother
like you doesn’t even begin to tell you how
blessed I feel for having you in my life.
The day you entered the world as my younger brother truly was one of the greatest blessings in my life, and that feeling has only grown stronger since. I’m very lucky to have a little brother as wonderful as you are.

From my heart to yours, I’m wishing you the very best and happiest birthday possible.