Birthday Wishes for Brother

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To have a brother like you in my life makes me as proud as can be. I am so lucky for you, dear brother.
A brother as awesome
And as meaningful as you
Deserves a great birthday
For everything you do!

Happy birthday to you, bro!
I count my lucky stars for having a brother like you, who is truly incredible and means as much to me as you do. Thank you for being the best brother a sister could ever wish for. Happy birthday, bro.
Brother, may this new year in your
life bring you all the success and
happiness that you deserve.
Best birthday wishes to you.
Wishing the very best for you today and always, my brother! May your birthday be filled with great joy and the gift of true love. Happy birthday!
For someone who is so much more than
merely a brother to me, I am wishing the
most spectacular birthday today!

May this special day of yours reward you
with all that is great in this world as you
truly deserve it, brother.
A brother so close to my heart
Who’s been there from the start
I’ll always be there for you too
Supporting you in all that you do.

Happy birthday.
Congratulations to my wonderful brother who is celebrating another year of life today!

I’m wishing you a huge, heart-touching happy birthday today, dear brother.
You always held my hand
As we grew up together
Since then I knew I’d have
A special brother forever.
Over the years you’ve looked out
For me and protected me no end
You’re more than just a brother
You’re a father figure and a friend.

I don’t know what I would have 
Done without a brother like you 
Beside me when I was growing up.
You truly are a very special and 
Meaningful person to me.

Happy birthday to you, my truly
Great and wonderful brother.
Dear brother,

I have only the most heartfelt 
Wishes for you as you celebrate
Another birthday today.

Happy birthday,
Your loving sister
One day, I asked our parents for a toy and instead they gave me you, a little baby boy that I'm proud to call my brother. Happy birthday!
A brother as special as you deserves
an extraordinary birthday to match!

May your special day this year be as
truly spectacular as the person you
are! Happy birthday!
I’m wishing a heartfelt happy birthday to my dear brother today as he turns another year older and more wonderful than ever. Best wishes to you from your adoring sister.

My dear brother,

Earth has travelled once more around the sun, which means it’s time to celebrate again.

Many orbits ago I was an only child, but one brilliant day, on this drifting space rock, a new baby was born.

He was blessed with stardust and I was blessed to hold him in my arms. Your eyes were brighter than a thousand supernovas, deeper than the deepest black hole and as powerful as the big bang.

You were a tiny little star, which grew to amass a galaxy of your own. Nevertheless, little brother, you will always be the sun to me.

Have a stellar year!
Happy birthday, my dear brother.

If everyone had a sweet brother like
you their lives would be so much sweeter.
I can say that from experience.

You make everything brighter and so
much more fun. I’m lucky to have you
around, bro.