Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

253 happy birthday wishes found:

You deserve more than just any old gift
and only the very best is good enough
for a dear friend and great girl like you!

I refuse to get you anything that doesn’t
match how cool and awesome you are,
and as I am still yet to find that, I
haven’t got you anything at all!

You should be flattered, bestie!
Happy birthday!
You think that age is but a number and you’re only as old as you feel. 

Well, tell that to your arthritis when the time comes and you will soon see that age does, in fact, matter a lot.

I hope you have a fantastic day and a fantastic year to come, my friend!
Remember when we were younger, my
friend, we used to be so fun and carefree.
What happened to those kids!

I’m wishing you a fab birthday today!
Gal pals are a dime a dozen but you’re worth your weight in gold, my dear!

Not that I’m saying you’re heavy, just gold is very valuable! Happy birthday, bestie!
I think it’s time to admit that we aren’t just friends through choice, we’re tied because we know too many secrets about each other! Happy birthday, bestie!
Happy birthday, my friend!

We grew up together, yet we still haven’t
actually grown up! I hope we stay young
and fun at heart forever!
Happy birthday, my friend!

I can still remember when we were
just two kids without a care in the
world. Although that feels like a
million years ago now!
Happy birthday to my dear best friend
who is almost as fabulous as me!
Don’t worry, girl, a few more years and
you’ll get there too!

I’m sending you lots of love and wishing
you the best on your special day, bestie!
Having a best friend like me is worth not one, but three! I hope you know just how fortunate you are to have me!

Happy birthday, bestie!
Happy birthday, bestie! I might be laughing now that you’ve just turned another year older, but I won’t be laughing when it’s my turn next!
Another year older and it’s actually starting to show, bestie! 

Just kidding! You’ve still got a few more good years in you yet! 

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, my lovely!

Don’t be offended if people start buying you anti-ageing products as birthday gifts - they just want your youthful looks to last forever!

Just make sure they include a gift receipt so that you can exchange them for something better!
Happy birthday, old man! I hope you can read this message, since you are starting to lose your sight. I would have called you, but your hearing is even worse.

I don’t know how you can even get up in the morning. You are lucky to have a great friend like me to help you along.

Have a great birthday and enjoy whatever years remain!
Forgetfulness is one of the many
symptoms of ageing, my friend.

I know your memory is starting to
play tricks on you, but you shouldn’t
worry, I will always be your best friend.
I’ll be around long after you've
forgotten who I am.

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to you, girl!

True friends know all of each other's
flaws and their deepest, darkest secrets
and yet continue to be friends anyway!

I’m truly grateful to have a great gal pal
and dear best friend like you!