Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

253 happy birthday wishes found:

Getting old is all about losing things. You start to lose your memory, your hair and even your keys. But just focus on the positive side, at least you still have your teeth. Remember to smile while you still have them.

Happy birthday, best friend!
I wish you a happy birthday,
my friend! I am, however,
eager for that slice of cake.

I would like to congratulate
you and all that, but again,
I’m mainly interested in the cake.
Happy birthday, my beautiful bestie!

I’m so lucky to have found a hilarious and quirky friend like you to add a bit of light and laughter to my days! Everybody needs a little bit of crazy in their life!
People say as you get older, you become wiser. This is so true… about everyone else. These people obviously haven’t met you.

Don’t be mistaken, you are old. You are really old. But not the least bit smarter.

Have a great birthday, dear friend!
Great friends should be treasured,
especially the ones of your age that
are a little more fragile!

I’ll always be here to look out for you,
dude! Happy birthday!
I thought about trying and having a go at baking your birthday cake myself this year, but I quickly changed my mind because it seemed like a lot of effort!

I hope you like generic store-bought cake!

Happy birthday, buddy!
Happy birthday to the best gal pal!

My wish for your birthday is to make
you smile and laugh, but that’s not
really any different to having me
around on any given day! 
Happy birthday, girl!

Out of all the great gifts that you might
receive today, know that you already
have the best of them all: me!
I’m glad you were there to witness the discovery of fire. You will need it to light all of those candles later. Happy birthday, friend!
Sure, today is your birthday, but it isn’t really much different to any other day as you’ll be the center of attention as always!

It can’t be helped, my friend, the spotlight just naturally shines on you!

Happy birthday, my dear!
Happy birthday, my dear friend!

You know some people are like great wines, as time passes they acquire a more complex taste, a fuller body and are greatly desired.

And you know other people are like mature cheeses, despite looking older and developing a more intense smell, there are many people yearning for them.

But you, my friend, all these years have made you complex and given you a fuller body like a great wine, but also, like great cheese, you look older and have an intense smell, and no one really seems to be interested in you.

So, I guess you're stuck with me!
I was going to plan you a surprise party, but then I reconsidered as it could quite easily give you a heart attack at your age!

Happy birthday, bestie!
Happy birthday to you today, bud!

What more could you possibly want on your special day other than true friendship and a great time!

Well, seeing as I offer both of those things you can consider that your gift this year!
Another year older and yet one more candle to add! If your goal is to have your birthday cake seen from outer space, then you’re certainly on the right path!
Happy birthday, pal! You know that I’m always looking out for your best interests, so just take care today when you’re trying to blow out the fireball on your cake!