Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

253 happy birthday wishes found:

Some friends come and go
But in you, I always know
Like glue, you’ll stick around
A true friendship we have found!

Happy birthday, bestie!
It truly is great having a best bud like you.

When I’m standing next to you I instantly
appear younger by comparison - it’s
almost like magic!

Thank you for aging as badly as you
have, my friend, I mean it!
I’m sorry to be the one to tell you but we’ve had a call from the fire department to say that they know how old you’re turning today and that your birthday cake is for sure going to be a fire hazard!

We’ll just have to find some other, safer way to celebrate this grand age of yours!

Happy birthday!
I can still remember how excited you
used to get as a kid every year when
your birthday would come around.

Years on and not much has changed!
I’m glad to see that you’re still
enthusiastic about getting older!

Happy birthday!
You are my best friend and because of that, I feel it’s my responsibility to remind you not to blow out your candles too hard today as you wouldn’t want your false teeth to come out!

Happy birthday, buddy!
Happy birthday to the only person
I’d choose to be stranded on a
desert island with!

Well, I wouldn’t ever choose to be
stranded anywhere, but if I had to
choose someone to be stranded
with it would obviously be you!

Happy birthday, bestie!
You should consider yourself very honored and particularly lucky that you are one of the few people whose birthday I can remember by heart! You must be somewhat important to me, I guess!

Have a fantastic birthday this year, buddy!
I don’t know what I did to deserve a best friend like you, but I must have done some pretty crazy things in a previous life! Happy birthday, girl!
Out of all the friends
You truly are the best
A dear BFF who is
Better than all the rest!

Happy birthday, bestie!
Happy birthday, bestie!

Always remember that age is just a
number, girl. It just so happens that
in your case it’s quickly becoming
a pretty high number! 

I wouldn’t stress about it, though.
The best gift a person can receive
is another year of life!
Happy birthday, my soul sister!

Few friends are as close as we are, girl!
In fact, some would say that we’re too
close... but they’re just jealous!
You know your best friend is a
true friend when they insult you
on your birthday and you can
both laugh about it!

That’s why I know I can make
all the jokes I want today without
any risk of offending you!

Happy birthday, my friend!
Happy birthday to you, girl!

Having a female friend like you in my life
all these years certainly is a blessing!

I’m so thankful that neither one of us has
grown up since childhood and still have
that same childish sense of humor!
Today is the day we celebrate the birthday of my best friend! You are such an amazing person, a spectacular human being, the noblest of all the nobles and a super mega friend.

So to celebrate this day I thought I would give you an equally great, amazing, super, fantastic and mega gift. I began wondering what such a gift should be. Perhaps a big parade with floats and a marching band or maybe have fireworks spell out your name in the sky. Whatever the gift would be, it would have to be something spectacular, amazing and awesome. But then I realized you don’t need all that, as you already have me!

May your birthday be filled with laughter!
Another year older, girl, yet no wiser than
before! Give it a few more years and you’ll
be wiser than ever, I’m sure of it!

Happy birthday!