Birthday Captions Funny

Were found 36 happy birthday messages:

All these laps around the sun are starting
to take their toll!
Fabulous and funny since birth!
Today’s the one day of the year where my inner child really shines!
At your age, another trip around
the sun must be more exhausting
than ever before!
My birthday is loading, please stand by...
On this day many years ago, the prodigy that is me entered the world!
One piece of birthday advice for you today:
count your blessings and not how many
gray hairs are starting to form!
I only have to say it’s the birthday
of the funniest person in the world
today, and everyone will immediately
know it’s your birthday!

Happy birthday to you, my friend!
This birthday doesn’t count so I refuse to add this year to my age!
Happy birthday, my friend! You’re another year closer to becoming a true vintage!
It’s true, it is in fact my birthday today.

I know you wouldn’t be able to tell though,
as I simply don’t look a day older!
Old enough to know better,
stubborn enough to do it anyway!
Happy birthday to the second
most beautiful person in the
world after me, of course!
Today is all about this one!

So, just like any other day really!
Fact: I am not as young as I once was!