Birthday Countdown Quotes

65 happy birthday wishes found:

The countdown begins, bestie!

Your special day is just moments away,
So let us start counting down to your 
Upcoming birthday celebrations!
The countdown has begun
The countdown begins
For the one I love
For someone so sweet
I’m counting down the days
Until a new year we greet!

Let the countdown begin!
You deserve your birthday wishes in advance
My birthday is loading
This cute little caption is just to say, it’s almost time for my special one’s birthday! May the countdown to your very special day begin, my love!
Let the countdown begin
1 day to go for your birthday
For a best friend like you
Let us celebrate and cheer
For the countdown has begun
To your birthday this year!

May you receive many
Wishes and messages
On your special day!
Your birthday is on its way
It’s almost time, let’s not delay
Let us start the countdown
To your very special day!
A birthday countdown for my best friend
Just 5 days to go for your birthday
You know me and that I’m always full of great ideas, but my best idea yet has to be deciding to bump up your birthday celebrations. Let the countdown begin!
The perfect countdown caption for Instagram
9 days to go for your birthday
A very special celebration for a super special occasion is just around the corner as it’s almost your first birthday! I’m counting down the hours until you turn 1!
While we’re patiently waiting
For your birthday to appear
I’ll set the countdown timer
To let us know when it’s here!
Your big day is on its way
The countdown has begun
It’s only a matter of hours
Now until we can celebrate
Your birthday this year!
Instead of celebrating your birthday for just one day, why don’t we start the countdown and celebrate early this year! Now that has to be one of my best ideas yet!
I’m not wishing away the days
But the countdown has finally begun
I can barely keep myself calm
For all of my upcoming birthday fun!
Not long to go now as the countdown to your birthday has started! I’m sending you beautiful birthday wishes in advance of your special day!
We’ll be celebrating sooner rather than
later as your birthday is just days away
now! Let the countdown commence!
Instead of celebrating just your birthday this year, I had a great idea that we could count down the days until it is here!

Let the countdown begin, best friend!
Make way for your birthday
It will be here very soon
It’s time to start the countdown
Your special day is on its way
It’ll be here before we know it!

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