Birthday Countdown Quotes

Were found 37 happy birthday messages:

The countdown to my birthday has officially begun! I can’t wait for my special day to arrive so I can celebrate it with everyone I love!
The countdown has begun
The countdown begins
The countdown has begun!
It’s almost time to start 
The birthday celebrations
For my most loved one!
Keep calm, I’ve set the birthday alarm
You deserve your birthday wishes in advance
It’s time to get excited because it’s almost your birthday! Let the countdown begin! 
A very special celebration for a super special occasion is just around the corner as it’s almost your first birthday! I’m counting down the hours until you turn 1!
We’ll be celebrating sooner rather than
later as your birthday is just days away
now! Let the countdown commence!
I’m not wishing away the days
But the countdown has finally begun
I can barely keep myself calm
For all of my upcoming birthday fun!
The countdown has begun as there are less than 100 hours until your big day! There are only 4 days to go for your birthday now!
Not long to go now as the countdown to your birthday has started! I’m sending you beautiful birthday wishes in advance of your special day!
Your big day is on its way
The countdown has begun
It’s only a matter of hours
Now until we can celebrate
Your birthday this year!
Your birthday is right around the corner
There are just a few hours left to go
So let’s get ready to celebrate it with
The best birthday party we can throw!

Happy almost birthday to you!
I can’t keep calm or contain my excitement,
as your birthday will be here very soon!

So let the celebrations begin early in the
lead up to your special day, and let’s
welcome in this birthday with style!

A special friend like you deserves
their birthday wishes to come early!

So, I’m counting down the days and
wishing a very happy pre-birthday
to you, my dear best friend!
Your birthday is fast approaching and so while I’m thinking about it, let me wish you a happy birthday now before I forget!
Time to start getting excited as it’s
less than a week until your birthday!
Just 6 days to go now!
Your big day is approaching
It’s knocking at the door
You’re about to be older
Than you’ve ever been before!