Funny Birthday Wishes for Elder Sister

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Having a younger sibling like me is tough competition and while you may not have won the title of favorite child when we were growing up, you’ll always hold the prestigious position of fav sister to me!

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, sis!

It might not make you feel better, but I can always find comfort knowing that you’re older than I am and you always will be!
I understand that you’re probably feeling a little sensitive about your age today, sis, so I’ll be kind and refrain from making any age-related jokes!

Just remember, though, that tomorrow is another day and all bets are off!

Happy birthday to you today!
Happy birthday to you today, sis!

Isn’t it funny how when we were
younger we would annoy each other
and never want to hang out together,
but nowadays all I wish for is that we
could spend more time together! 
Friendship is a choice but when it
comes to family it’s all down to chance!

Thankfully, I was lucky enough to
end up with a sister like you!

Happy birthday!
We might have fought and argued as kids but as it turns out, you’re not half as bad as I once thought!

Happy birthday to you, sis!
Another birthday already, sis!

Just when I think I’m finally
catching up to you in age,
you leap ahead and leave
me even further behind!

Someday I’ll be just as old
and wise as you are, though.
Just you wait!
Happy birthday from one wise
elder sister to her younger and
more beautiful baby sister!

I was trying to think of something
funny or witty for your birthday
message this year, but all I could
think of was silly jokes and cliche
anecdotes. I guess you got the
gift of being both the younger
one and the funny one, sis!
Happy birthday to my baby sister who
is so cute and funny, which is probably
why she reminds me so much of myself!
We’re so alike it’s scary!

Happy birthday from your equally
wonderful elder sister, sis!
Happy birthday to my favorite little guy!

I’m lucky that you’re my brother, but you’re even luckier to have an elder sister like me who loves and appreciates you so much!
Happy birthday to my younger sister who a lot of people think is actually my elder sister!

I’m sure it’s only because you’re so wise and mature that people think you’re older than me anyway, sis! Either that or I just seem super young and immature!
There aren’t many little brothers
Who are quite as lucky as you
That have an elder sister like me
As in the world, there are few!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to the best cousin ever!

I want you to know that I look up to you as if you were my elder sister, cousin. It has nothing to do with age, only the fact that you look so much older than me!
May you never grow up
My sweet little brother
As that would also mean
I wouldn’t get older, too!

Happy birthday from your
Favorite elder sister!
You’re another year older and more beautiful than ever, little sister! Happy birthday to you!

Just a word of wisdom from your dear elder sister, keep hold of your beauty and cherish it for as long as you can because once you get to my age those good looks won’t stay around for long!

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