Funny Birthday Wishes for Elder Sister

57 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy birthday, sis!

The years might not be on your
side, but I always will be!

I’ll be there for you no matter how
old, gray, and wrinkly you get!
Who would have thought that my
arch-nemesis growing up would
someday turn out to be one of
my closest and best friends!

Happy birthday, sis! I’m sending
you lots of love as you celebrate
your special day today!
Happy birthday to you today
my dear, ageing sister!

Looks like we might have to
get two cakes this year to
accommodate all of the candles!
Your birthday is just one more
opportunity for me to remind
you that you’re older than
me and always will be!

Thank you for that, sis!
People say that you get more beautiful with age, but surely they mean you become more beautiful on the inside because the cracks are certainly starting to show on the outside!

I’m just kidding with you, sis! I hope you have a wonderful birthday today!
Happy birthday from your better-looking
and totally awesome younger sibling!

It can’t have been easy growing up with
me, especially as I would get away with
anything! Don’t feel bad though, sis, the
younger sibling is always the favorite of
the family!
Happy birthday, sis.

Thank you so much for being my guiding light, illuminating the path for me, and making mistakes first so that I don’t have to!

Sometimes I wonder if you take a wrong turn on purpose just to show me what not to do!
If wisdom and beauty come with age then you must be really wise and really beautiful by now, sis!

Happy birthday to you!
Don’t let another birthday get you down,
sis! After all, what difference does one
more year really make at this point!
Don’t worry about all of the candles on
your birthday cake this year, sis. I have a
fire extinguisher on standby just in case!

I’m only messing with you! Happy birthday,
I hope you have a truly fabulous day today!
Happy birthday to my dear elder sis!

Getting older isn’t all doom and gloom! For example, with each birthday that passes by you’re getting ever-closer to becoming a senior citizen and enjoying all of the old person perks that come with it!
I’ll admit that when we were
growing up together there
were times when I used to
think that you were the worst…

You’re still not perfect but hey,
you’re not far off!

Happy birthday to you today,
my near-perfect sister!
Age might not be on your
side but I always will be!
You can always count on
me for anything, sis!

Happy birthday to you!
You were always there for me when we were kids so I hope you find comfort knowing that I’ll be there for you throughout your imminent old-age!

Happy birthday, sis!
Happy birthday, sis!

Remember, today is your special
day and it’s all about you!

Come to think of it, so is every
other day actually!

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