Happy 17th Birthday

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Today I am wishing the coolest seventeen-year-old I know the happiest of birthdays! 

I am hoping that your seventeenth year of life is the best one yet and comes with lots of love, happiness and success!

Happy 17th birthday, dear!
Adulthood is fast approaching
Congratulations as you turn 17 today
Happy sweet 17th birthday to you, my beautiful dear!

On this very special birthday of yours, I’m hoping that all of your dreams may come true. You’re the sweetest girl who deserves all the goodness that life has to offer.
Happy 17th birthday to me!

That’s right, today I turn 17 and I can’t
wait to share my special day with all
of my dear friends and family!
Wishing you the absolute best 17th birthday, bestie!

I hope that this birthday brings you much happiness, lots of love and immense joy!

You still have your best years ahead of you and so much to look forward to! It’s such an exciting time for you!
Happy 17th birthday!

You’re only one year away
from the coveted 18th mark.

It’s creeping up, my friend!
Your seventeenth birthday may not seem
like much, but the truth is that each year
of your life is as important as the next!

Happy 17th birthday!
Happy 17th birthday, bestie!

Today’s a day to celebrate
how wonderful you are, and
to give thanks for all the selfless
things that you so thoughtfully
do for everyone!

For that reason and more, I’m
wishing you a day that’s as great
as you are and I’m hoping that
it’ll be your happiest by far!

Big hugs and kisses to you on
your special day!
Your 17th birthday is just the calm before the storm!

You should brace yourself as from now onwards the following years that’ll be coming your way will include lots more grown-up stuff, which also means more responsibilities!

Make the most of it while you can and enjoy this more relaxed year, my friend!

Wishing you a very happy birthday today!
Wishing you all the very best on your
17th birthday!

Your 17th birthday is just the start, it’s
where all the fun begins! From here on,
you have so much to look forward to
and so many exciting new opportunities!

New privileges and great responsibilities
are just a couple of things that will come
with your more mature age!

Enjoy it and always remember to live life
to the fullest, my dear!
Happy 17th birthday!

Wishing you a prosperous year leading up
to adulthood and a life full of happiness!
As you turn 17-years-old today, I want to wish you luck, happiness, and success for your adult years that are about to come your way.

Your seventeenth certainly is a special birthday, so may you enjoy it to the fullest.
Happy seventeenth birthday, my dear friend! I hope that this brand new year of your life brings you many great adventures and wonderful experiences to enjoy!

You’re a fantastic friend and a really lovely human being who deserves but the best life has to offer!
As you turn the magical age of 17, I’m 
wishing you the best in life, sweet teen.

May you have a truly beautiful birthday!
Happy 17th birthday, my friend!

Enjoy your last few remaining
teenage years!
Happy 17th birthday! 17 is an
incredible age to be!

I hope you have lots of fun and
enjoy this chapter of your life!

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