Happy 17th Birthday

41 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy sweet seventeenth, girl!

I hope your special day is everything
you had hoped it would be, full of love,
happiness, and lots of laughter.

I’m sending all of my best and most
beautiful birthday wishes to you today.
Happy seventeenth birthday today,
my dear! 

I wish you a lifetime of happiness
and my only hope is for you to
always be true to yourself and
never stop being the amazing
person that you are!

Best wishes and big kisses to you!
Happy birthday to a teen queen
who today we see turn 17!

Your teenage years so far have
been as fabulous as you are, and
I’m hoping they only become more
fabulous as you near ever-closer
to becoming an adult, my dear!
Happy birthday to you!

Today you turn 17 and you
know what that means! You’re
just one more year away from
adulthood and eternal freedom!

Wishing you all the very best on
your last remaining adolescent
birthday, my dear friend!
Today’s a very special day for a certain
birthday girl who’s turning the fabulous
age of 17! Happy birthday to you!

I’m sending all my love, sweet kisses,
and the best birthday wishes your way
today to help you celebrate your very
special day, my dear!
I’m sending lots of love and big birthday wishes your way today as you turn the sweet age of seventeen. May you have a spectacular day!
Today I have the pleasure of wishing a
very happy birthday to a truly remarkable

You should be so proud of the life you
are leading and all of your achievements
to date!

If the past is anything to go by, I have no
doubt that you’re going to do great things
with your future!

Sending my very best wishes to you today,
my dear!
17 years might not seem like that
much, but when you think that’s
over 200 months it suddenly appears
to be much more significant!

I hope the hundreds of months and
thousands of weeks ahead of you
are just as great.

Happy birthday to you, my dear.
17 is a great age to be
As you’re in the prime
Of your teenage years!

Take in every moment
Enjoy every minute 
And make many 
Magical memories!

Happy birthday!

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