Happy 17th Birthday

41 happy birthday wishes found:

17 years ago today a very special person entered the world: you! 

Wishing you all the happiness that the world can offer you today!

I hope you have an awesome 17th birthday, my dear, spent with incredible people and filled with amazing moments!
Happy 17th birthday to you!

This is your year to shine, so go
out into the world and spread your
wonderfulness for all to see!
Seventeen kisses and big
birthday wishes! 

Happy 17th birthday today!
I’m wishing you a very happy 17th birthday today, my friend! 

You’re almost there, just one more year until freedom! 

Until then, enjoy your last few drops of youth before all the responsibilities that come with adulthood become a reality!
Happy 17th birthday,
my dear!

You’re growing up in a
flash! You’ll be an adult
before we know it!
Happy in between birthday!

Last year was your very special sweet 16th birthday and next year will be your all-important 18th, so that makes this year, your 17th, your in between birthday!

That doesn’t mean it has to be any less fun or significant, though!

Each and every year of your life is as special as the next, as it marks another year that the most wonderful person ever has been on this earth!

Take this year to enjoy a slightly calmer birthday, before your big blowout of a birthday next year!

A very happy 17th birthday to you!
Turning seventeen doesn’t
come without the gleam!

Your party this year should be
sparkly and bright, just like you!

Happy 17th birthday, my dear!
Happy 17th birthday!

Seeing how wonderful you are
at seventeen only tells me that
you’re going to get even lovelier
throughout the years ahead!
Happy 17th birthday, my dear!

You’re growing up to be such an
incredible human being, one that
I am proud to know!

You have always been well beyond
your years, and I’ve already regarded
you as an adult for quite some time now!

Never change, always be true to yourself
and just keep growing up the wonderful
way that you are, dear!
Happy 17th birthday! 17 is an
incredible age to be!

I hope you have lots of fun and
enjoy this chapter of your life!
Just two more teenage years
ahead of you now!

You’re almost there, my friend!

Wishing you the happiest 17th
birthday possible!
17 years ago today someone very special
was born: you!

When you came into the world it changed
for the better, for you are such a special
and uniquely wonderful human being!

Wishing you the very best birthday this
year, my friend!
For the sweetest, most beautiful birthday girl in the world, I’m wishing you the best as you turn 17 years old! I hope you enjoy your special day today!
Seventeen today, many congratulations!

Wishing you all the love and happiness possible on your special day!
Happy seventeenth birthday to you!

The countdown has started and
next year you’ll be a proper adult,
so make the most of it and enjoy
your final year of being a minor!

I’m sending my very best wishes
to you today.

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