Happy Birthday Twins

166 happy birthday wishes found:

Today’s twice as special
A day I cannot miss
As it’s the birthday of
Me and my twin sis!
I hope you keep that beautiful bond throughout all of your lives, my dear twins. I wish you both a wonderful birthday!
Today is your birthday, twin sis, which
means that it must be mine too!

Happy birthday to us and may we both
enjoy our very special day!
Happy birthday to two remarkable twin brothers! I am so proud and so blessed to know both of you!

Enjoy your special day, guys!
Happy birthday to me and while I’m at it, happy birthday to my twin sister too!

Sharing a birthday with my sis isn’t the worst thing in the world, it just means there’s double the amount of presents and twice as much cake!
Having a sibling is all about sharing so I'm honored that I get to share my special day with you, twin sis!

Happy birthday to me and to you!
I am glad for sharing so many beautiful moments with two amazing twins. I may not always know which is which and you may have fun tricking me into believing that one is the other, but I know that I adore you both the same.

Happy birthday!
We were born on the same day,
A few minutes apart,
You are my twin sibling
And I love you with all my heart.

I wouldn’t know what to do
If I lived without you.
I would feel empty inside
Without you by my side.

So my dear twin,
My little sunshine,
My little beam,
Have a wonderful birthday.
And remember, dear sibling of mine,
I love you in every way.
My beloved twin sister,
We share a connection 
That runs deep, 
A bond truly unique
Built strong enough
To last all eternity.
You’re a faithful companion
Through and through, and
I know I’ll always have
A true friend in you.
Today I have the pleasure of wishing
not one, but two wonderful girls a
very happy birthday!

You are the coolest sisters I know,
and I hope you two twins have the
absolute best day surrounded by all
of your wonderful friends and family!
My dearest twin sister, today sees us become older, wiser, and more beautiful than ever before! Our fabulousness is identical!

Here’s to us on our special day, and may this year to come be a truly wonderful one!
My beloved twins, there is no other brother and sister quite like you both. You make everyone happy just by being with you. May you have a great birthday!
My lovely twin sister, no other person on the face of this earth understands us like we do. You know me inside and out and I know you just as well.

We knew each other even before we were born and we'll continue to be the perfect pair throughout our lives.

This is our grand day and I hope you have the most fun you’ve ever experienced!

Happy birthday to the two most beautiful and extraordinary twin sisters!

We are so lucky that there’s two of you!
A shared birthday is twice the fun and I’m privileged that I get to share mine with you, my twin sister!

Happy birthday to us!