Happy Birthday Twins

Were found 30 happy birthday messages:

On your very special day, I want to wish a fantastic birthday to not one, but two of God’s greatest miracles; the coolest twins that I know!

As we all know, twins are double the trouble, but they are also double the fun. And you are both twice of everything that is good in this world.

You are the spitting image of each other, sometimes it is hard to tell you apart, but it's not a problem since you both have the same kind heart.

I hope you both have the massive, amazing birthday that you deserve!
The best things in life come in pairs
You twins are unique yet equally amazing
Today is a special day for the most adorable twins I know! I have always known you as an inseparable set. Wherever there was one there would be the other. You are the perfect complement to each other.

I hope you remain like that forever, always there for each other and always finishing each other’s sentences. You will never find someone who will love you like your twin does, so you better treat each other right.

I wish a doubly happy birthday with double the fun to double the number of people I usually congratulate! May you live many more years together!
How lucky I am, to be blessed twice with you two beautiful boys.

You may be twins and look alike, but you both have such unique personalities.
You share an unbreakable bond, the strongest of all siblings I know,
and it’s so great to know you will always have a best friend by your side to rely on.

I wish each of you an incredible birthday!
It is our special day of the year once again and I want you to know that I love you more than words could express. Twins are the same soul divided by two bodies.

Have a fantastic birthday, dear twin!
Happy birthday to the two most
beautiful twin girls!

You have brought twice the happiness,
twice the love, and twice the laughter
into the lives of all those that know you!

I wish you both the most amazing
birthday and many happy years to come!
You are my twin and my twin soul! I love you with all my heart! I wish an amazing birthday for the both of us!
You are the most adorable twins I know. May you be blessed with happiness and love. Have a glorious birthday!
One of the best things about having twins
is only having to plan one birthday party
a year, rather than two!

Happy birthday, my dears!
You twins are the best friends ever. I am doubly blessed for having two wonderful friends such as you both. Happy birthday, my sweet friends!
You have been my best friend in the
whole world since our first day in it.

Have a great birthday, twin sis!
I have many reasons to love you both, which all differ as you are both different individuals, but the love I have for you is the same.

You know mom always showers you with gifts, but none will be greater than the gift of having you in my life.

I love you both with all my heart! Have a spectacular birthday, my dearest twins!
My lovely twin sister, no other person on the face of this earth understands us like we do. You know me back and forth and I know you back and forth.

We knew each other even before we were born and we will continue to be the perfect pair throughout our lives.

This is our great day and I wish you the most fun you ever had!
I am glad for sharing so many beautiful moments with two amazing twins. I may not always know which is which and you may have fun tricking me into believing that one is the other, but I know that I adore you both the same.

Happy birthday!
My beloved twins, there is no other brother and sister quite like you both. You make everyone happy just by being with you. May you have a great birthday!
I know I dressed you in the same outfits growing up, but you both looked so adorable wearing matching clothes! And when I dressed you in different clothes I always knew which was which, even when you switched outfits to try and trick me; a mother always knows!

I wish you both a wonderful birthday, my sweet twins!