Happy Birthday Twins

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Isn’t it funny how it’s impossible for me to
forget your birthday, yet totally possible
for me to forget to get you a gift!

I have no excuses but really, who needs
fancy prezzies when we have each other!

I don’t want to speak for you, but a twin
sister like you is the best gift life could’ve
given me! Happy birthday to us!
Today is a special day for the most adorable twins I know! I have always known you as an inseparable set. Wherever there was one there would be the other. You are the perfect complement to each other.

I hope you remain like that forever, always there for each other and always finishing each other’s sentences. You will never find someone who will love you like your twin does, so you better treat each other right.

I wish a doubly happy birthday with double the fun to double the number of people I usually congratulate! May you live many more years together!
Happy birthday to us!

There are few things as precious to me in this world as you are, my dear twin sister. You make each day brighter and so much better.

I truly am so thankful to have a forever friend and sibling like you!
We will be together forever, 
Nothing could ever tear us apart
For you’re my twin sister, 
And you’ll always be in my heart!

May we have a fabulous birthday
Today and may all of our hopes
And wishes come true!
Happy birthday to us, twin sister!

It’s no coincidence that the best things in life come in pairs, and we’re living proof of that!

May we continue to amaze and delight all of those who have the pleasure of knowing us!
Some years ago on this day, the most important day of our lives, we were blessed two times when you both were born.

Raising twins was hard sometimes, but it also filled our hearts two times more with love. You are both unique but equally loved.

You are our little bundles of joy and we want to wish a fantastic birthday to you both!
As twins, we possess a truly special
bond and I feel so blessed that we’ve
been able to share our journey through
life together since day one.

I’m sending lots of love your way today
as we celebrate yet another birthday
of ours, sis!
We entered this world together, and side by side we will be forever!

I am truly blessed not only to have an incredible twin brother like you but to also have the very best friend I could ever wish for. Happy birthday to us, bro!
Wishing the best birthday to the best
brother ever!

Aside from being twins, we share so
many common interests! You could
say we’re like two peas in a pod, bro!
Sure, being one of a kind is great,
but the only thing better than that
is being two of a kind!

If something is as wonderful as we
are, surely it’s better to have double
the greatness!

Happy birthday to us, my dear twin!
Today isn’t only my birthday, but also my twin sister’s too! I’m more than happy to share my special day with such an important person in my life!
Happy birthday to you and to me!

Our special day has arrived once again,
and I am blessed to be able to celebrate
and share it with you, bro!

Let’s show everyone that having a twin
brother is twice the fun!
You have been my best friend in the
whole world since our first day in it.

Have a great birthday, twin sis!

I am so thankful that I was blessed with not one, but two incredible friends!

My life is infinitely better for having you twin boys in it! I hope you each have a marvellous birthday in the company of your wonderful friends!
It’s just a fact that we share so many characteristics, my funny and handsome twin brother!

May our special day be as great as we are! Happy birthday to us!