Sentimental Birthday Quotes

970 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

You are my love now and always.
My heart is so full because of you
and all of the wonderful things that
you do. I’m very blessed to have
someone so amazing in my life.
May your birthday be a day
Full of happiness and glee
May it bring just as much
Joy as you bring to me
May you receive everything
That your heart desires 
May all your dreams come true
Because you deserve it all
Quite simply for being you.

Happy birthday, my love.
The most special day of the year is fast
approaching: your birthday, my love!

There’s not long to go now but while we
wait for it to arrive, know that I’ve already
started making plans to make this a
birthday you won’t forget!
Wishing a very happy
birthday to the man I
miss the most: my
one true love.

I hope these kisses
reach you quickly!
For your birthday this year
I have for you a special treat
I’ll be more of a romantic
And whisk you off your feet!

Happy birthday to you, my love!
My love for you
knows no bounds,
for you are my

Happy birthday my
dear sweetheart.
Happy birthday 
To my one true love,
My whole entire world!

Your birthday is a joyous day
It’s very special for me too
As it’s yet one more opportunity 
To tell you how much I love you!
My love for you is vast 
It runs so very deep
I think about you when I’m awake
I’m dreaming of you in my sleep.
To me, you’re as magnificent as
The greatest depths of the ocean
I was allured and enchanted by you
As if under a magic spell or love potion.

Happy birthday to you, my sweet love.
Happy birthday!

May this day of all days be extra special for you, my love!
I’m wishing you the loveliest birthday today, my love.

May your special day surprise and delight you, and warm your heart as much as you’ve warmed mine.
Your birthday is 
A truly special day
As I get to show 
My love and
Appreciation for you.

I’m truly blessed 
For having someone
Like you in my life 
And I shall never ever 
Take it for granted.

Happy birthday, my dear!
You deserve a birthday that celebrates you for all that you are, my love.

Happy birthday, here’s to you.
I’m sending all my love to one of my closest friends today! Happy birthday! Know that you’re so very precious to me and you always will be!
My love for you flies high
It reaches as far as the sky
There simply is no limit
To the love I have for you.

Happy birthday, my most
Beautiful one.
My super sweet and loving boyfriend, I’m sending all of my love and my most romantic birthday wishes your way today as we celebrate your special day.

My whole heart belongs to you as you truly mean everything to me.

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