Sentimental Birthday Quotes

970 happy birthday wishes found:

You’re special to me and your birthday should be special for you! Wishing you a birthday that is out of this world, my dear!
I just wanted to send 
A message your way
To wish you 
A fantastic birthday! 

I hope you have a 
Fabulous day full 
Of celebrations!
Happy 16th b-day! I’m wishing you
a totally awesome time, my friend!

May this ultimate teen birthday of
yours truly be one to remember!
Happy birthday from mom’s favorite,
brother! Don’t let that get you down
on your special day though, bro.
I’m sure you’re a very close second!
As you turn the wonderful and magical age that is sixteen, I’m wishing you all the best for the years ahead. May you have a happy and sweet 16th birthday.
Don’t worry about getting older, brother.
You’ll always have me as a constant
reminder of what it’s like to look young!

Happy birthday, bro!
Happy birthday, brother!

I hope you receive everything you’ve been wanting this year, but really what better gift is there than the privilege of being my brother! After all, it is the ultimate gift you could wish for in life!
Today, I’m sending my very best and most heartfelt wishes to a very cute baby. After all, your 1st birthday is the most special one of all, little one.
Happy 1st birthday, little one.

You truly are the sweetest gift
and greatest blessing from above.
Happy birthday, brother!

Sometimes we might argue or have the occasional light-hearted fight, but when the dust settles and above all that, I think it’s clear for all to see just how incredibly dear you are to me!
You’re turning 1 today
May good come your way
For that’s the least a cute baby
As adorable as you deserves. 

Happy 1st birthday, little one. 
From the first moment we met
I knew you would be my wife,
to have and to hold you
for the rest of my life.

I hope that today brings
you nothing but bliss,
as you are the sweetest
person ever to exist.

My love for you, my dear
wife, it is endless.

Happy birthday, my
beautiful wife!
Happy birthday to the most special person
in my life today, tomorrow, and always.
You are my love, my laughter, and my joy.

I’m forever grateful for having a partner
like you to experience all of life’s greatest
wonders with.
Happy birthday to my love, my life, my everything! Every day spent with you is such a blessing!