Sentimental Birthday Quotes

970 happy birthday wishes found:

I didn’t get you anything for your birthday
this year, but I hope this personal and
heartfelt message makes up for it!

Sending you good thoughts and happy
wishes on your special day, bro!
Happy birthday to you!
The love we share is beautiful and unique, and it couldn’t be more meaningful to me.

Happy birthday, my dearest.
Happy birthday, dear brother!

I was going to buy you hair dye for your birthday gift this year, but then I thought a hat would be a better idea since it’ll cover both gray hair and your eventual baldness! I’m always thinking of you, bro!
Today marks one whole year that you’ve been warming our hearts and filling them with joy. Here’s to many more years of you doing just that.

I’m sending the happiest and most heartfelt 1st birthday wishes your way, cute baby.
A beautiful baby boy came into the
world exactly one year ago today!

Happy 1st birthday, adorable one!
Happy birthday to a true wonder in my life!

I am truly blessed to know someone as special as you are, my dear!

Wishing you a fab day!
You’re already 16 years old
So you know what that means
You’re well on your way
To achieving your dreams!

Happy 16th birthday!
Today, I’m sending my very best and most heartfelt wishes to a very cute baby. After all, your 1st birthday is the most special one of all, little one.
Happy 1st birthday, little one.

You truly are the sweetest gift
and greatest blessing from above.
Happy birthday, little one!

You’ve had only 1 birthday so far but there are still many more to go! You have so much ahead of you!

For now, though, just enjoy your 1st birthday!
Happy birthday, brother!

Sometimes we might argue or have the occasional light-hearted fight, but when the dust settles and above all that, I think it’s clear for all to see just how incredibly dear you are to me!
This birthday wish
Is especially for you
To recognize everything
Good that you do!

Happy birthday, my dear!
Today you’re turning 1
May you have lots of fun
Enjoying games and soft play
On your very 1st birthday!

Happy 1st birthday, little one!
You’re special to me and your birthday should be special for you! Wishing you a birthday that is out of this world, my dear!
Happy birthday from mom’s favorite,
brother! Don’t let that get you down
on your special day though, bro.
I’m sure you’re a very close second!