Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Son

Were found 32 happy birthday messages:

Happy birthday to you on your special day today, son.

May all of your hopes, dreams, and aspirations come true for you as you begin this new year of your life. You deserve all of the very best things to come your way, my dear boy.
I’m blessed to have you as a son
You're growing up so wonderfully, son
Happy birthday, my dear boy.

Always remember that as a single mother
I have twice as much love for you, son.
Happy birthday to my super son. Today marks one more year that you’ve been spreading so much joy and light in this world.
Happy birthday to my perfect, wonderful, amazing son! A son like you truly is a dream come true! 
There is no other day more perfect
than your birthday to tell you how
incredibly proud and how much I
admire who you’ve become, my
dear son. You’ve turned out to
be a wonderful boy and the
sweetest person.

I have only the greatest love and
an abundance of pride for you.
Happy birthday from mom.
I’m wishing the happiest of birthdays to you today, son. You truly are my heart and my pride and joy. 
Happy birthday to the best son any parent
could wish for!

You are the biggest blessing in my life and
you make me feel like the luckiest mother
in the whole world. Thank you for always
being the wonderful boy that you are.
Happy birthday to my very special little man!

You are growing up to be such a kind, sweet, and caring boy and I mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say that I couldn’t be any prouder of you.

I will be forever grateful for being blessed with a son like you.
A son like you who has created a love so true will forever be a special blessing in my life.

Happy birthday from mom, my dear boy.
My spectacular son, I’m wishing you
the happiest of birthdays from the
deepest depths of my heart today.

You continue to inspire and delight
just by being the wonderful person
that you are, my sweet boy.
My sweet son is celebrating his birthday today, and I’m sending him all the love I have from the very bottom of my heart.
Happy birthday to you, my beloved son.

I’m sending you wishes for a
heart-warming birthday this year,
for you truly are my biggest blessing
whom I hold so very dear.

Enjoy your special day, you deserve it.

Happy birthday to my wonderful son.

The older you get, the more of myself I see in you. You are a man after my own heart and I will always be so proud of you, my dear son.

Best birthday wishes from dad.
Happy birthday to my son,
a boy like no other.

Every single day you make
me proud to be your mother.
You are my biggest blessing and my greatest joy. I adore you with my whole entire heart, I always have, and I always will.

May you have the spectacular birthday that you are so deserving of this year, my dear son. Happy birthday from mom.