Sentimental Birthday Quotes

970 happy birthday wishes found:

Today we are celebrating
the birthday of my one true love,
my soulmate, my everything!

Happy birthday, my beautiful!
My love for you burns brighter than all the candles on top of your cake today!

Happy birthday to you, my darling!
Your birthday is not only special for you, as since we’re celebrating you it’s special for me too!

Happy birthday, my love!
Close your eyes and think of the thing that your heart most desires. Then when you open them, the thing you most desire will be right in front of you: ME!

Happy birthday, my love! ❤️
You are my love and my life
You are my whole heart. 
You are my lover and my friend, 
And you fill me with emotion.
You are the most beautiful person
With the most beautiful soul.

Happy birthday to you, 
My sweetheart.
Happy birthday, my love.

Your special day reminds me of how
lucky I am to have a husband like you. 
I feel very privileged that in you, I
found everything I was looking for and
more. You truly are the love of my life.

With all my love, always.
It’s almost the birthday of my love and best friend forever, so let us begin counting down the minutes in anticipation together!
My love, may these sweet birthday wishes fill you with joy and touch your heart. You are the centre of my universe today, tomorrow, and always. 
You could be the other side of the world and my love would still reach you there. I’m sending the loveliest birthday wishes to you from a distance today, sweetie.
Happy birthday to my one true love!

Out of all the people in the world,
I am so lucky that I found a fabulous
girl like you to share my heart with!
Near or far, it makes no difference where you are, my love will always find you as it's true and pure!

I’m wishing you the happiest birthday that you could possibly have today without me being with you, my wonderful husband!
We’re not fortunate enough to spend your birthday together this year, but you’re the man of my dreams and worth the wait to celebrate with.

Happy birthday, my love.
It seems as though the farther away
from me that you are, the greater the
love I have for you in my heart grows.
You are the most meaningful person
to me on the planet, no matter
whereabouts on it you may be.

I’m sending the most special, happiest
birthday wishes to you today, my love.
For the most beautiful person in the
world, I am sending the most beautiful
birthday sentiments today!

I hope your special day warms your
heart as much as you warm mine
each and every day, my love!

Happy birthday!
You could be on the other side of the world and still, I wouldn’t feel disconnected from you. You’ll always be right here in my heart. Happy birthday, my love.