Funny Birthday Wishes for Crush

38 happy birthday wishes found:

I laugh at all your jokes even if they aren’t very funny and I pretend to look interested in everything you have to say.

I don’t think I could be any more obvious that I like you even if I wrote it on my forehead!

Happy birthday to you, sweet crush!
Happy birthday!

Seeing as it’s your birthday I would
cook for you, but that wouldn’t go well!

Instead, I’ll take you out for dinner,
my treat! My gift to you!
If you close your eyes and imagine
the best gift you could receive,
you’re bound to picture me!

Great minds think alike as the best
gift I too could think of getting you
this year is me!

So here I am, for your birthday this
year, I’m all yours! Happy birthday!
Are you even real? I have to ask because you just seem too good to be true!

Happy birthday to you today, my dear!
Today’s your birthday and all eyes are on you, but that can’t be anything new for you as you must be used to all this attention! Happy birthday!
Today is your very special day!
Happy birthday to you!

I’ve been so looking forward to
this day arriving, you wouldn’t
even believe!

I have a very special birthday
present for you this year, but
you’re going to have to wait
to see it! Anyway, just remember
that the best things in life come
to those who wait!
I wanted to get you something pretty for
your birthday this year but seeing as nothing
even comes close to matching your beauty,
I just decided to buy you a mirror!

Happy birthday to you, beautiful one!
If you look good on any ordinary
day, I can’t even imagine how
amazing you’ll look in your
birthday suit today!

Happy birthday to you, you
gorgeous human!
Happy birthday to you today, my
beautiful friend!

We have shared so many wonderful
moments and created some truly
memorable memories to cherish
forever. We’re certainly going to have
some incredibly funny stories to tell
our kids someday!
Happy birthday!

I know you already think I’m sweet enough,
but don’t forget to save me a slice of cake!

I’ll also be measuring the size of my
piece by how much I mean to you, so
I’m expecting a pretty huge chunk!
There are so many things that make you as
unique and wonderful as you are, but the
things I love about you most of all is that
you’re hilariously funny and so utterly cool!

I'm wishing you a fabulous birthday today!
Happy birthday to the cutest person in the world and someone very close to my heart!

To me, you are just as precious as a piece of fine art!
They say that friendship is a great
foundation for lasting love and romance,
and I’d say we’re pretty good friends!

Happy birthday! I hope you have a
lovely day today!
Intelligent, good-looking, and hilariously funny… But that’s enough about me, today's your birthday so it should be all about you!

Happy birthday to you, my dear!
Today is the anniversary of the day
the most beautiful human entered
the world! Happy birthday!

I want you to know that I’m thinking
of you on your special day today,
and come to think of it, pretty much
every other day too!