Birthday Messages for Friend

1995 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy birthday, my lovely!

Don’t be offended if people start buying you anti-ageing products as birthday gifts - they just want your youthful looks to last forever!

Just make sure they include a gift receipt so that you can exchange them for something better!
I feel like I’ve known you forever
For a friend so wonderful and dear
Happy birthday to one of my all-time closest friends!

To me, you will always be more like a brother at heart.

I hope you have a really fantastic birthday this year, surrounded by those you love and care about most!
We make a perfect pair, bestie
Today’s your special day, not mine
Happy birthday to my best pal!

I care for you more than you know, buddy. I actually see you as a little brother, as I always feel compelled to look out for you.

Nobody has your back like I do, bro! I hope you’ll always remember that!
I'm fortunate to call you my best friend
Few people are both a friend and a sister
Happy birthday to a buddy like no other! I hope you know that to me, you’ll always be so much more like a brother!
Another year older and it’s actually starting to show, bestie! 

Just kidding! You’ve still got a few more good years in you yet! 

Happy birthday to you!
To a special friend on their 70th birthday
Birthday wishes for a lifelong friend
I am sending a big hug your way on your birthday, bro!

You are so important to me and such a big part of my life. I want you to know that you’re more like family to me and I don’t know where I’d be without you. You mean the world to me, man!

Enjoy your special day today and I can’t wait to celebrate with you!
A friend who is worth their weight in gold
A great friend and past lover
To one of my nearest and dearest,
my sister by affection, I wish you
the happiest birthday ever!
Happy birthday, bestie! I really admire how getting older doesn’t faze you, even when it probably should! I hope I’m like that in many, many, many years to come too!

I was going to plan you a surprise party, but then I reconsidered as it could quite easily give you a heart attack at your age!

Happy birthday, bestie!
Happy birthday, girl!

There are friends and there are sisters,
but very few are special enough to be
both. I’m blessed to know someone as
wonderful as you.
Today I'm wishing a very happy birthday
to one of my greatest friends!

To me, it seems to be that as our
friendship grows we just become
more like bros!

I am so very thankful to have a bestie
like you, bro! Enjoy your special day!
Happy birthday, bro. Friends like you don’t come along every day, which is why I want you to know how very grateful I am for your true friendship.
It’s not necessary to have hundreds of friends when really a heart touching friendship is all you need. I’m glad I found my one true best friend in you, girl. ❤️️

I’m wishing you the very happiest of birthdays today and a year ahead that’s filled with joy and bliss.
Happy birthday, bestie.

There’s no other day more perfect than your birthday to tell you just how meaningful and touching your friendship is to me. I want you to know that you are so much more than just my best friend. To me, you’re more like a sister I never had.

I’ll always be grateful that I was blessed with someone as special as you in my life. You’re my soul sister and best friend forever, girl.
You are a true friend, the best companion for all kinds of adventures, and you are also a great man. I admire you and see you as a huge inspiration, and I have only life and the universe to thank for bringing us together.

Happy birthday, my dear friend! May all the joy in the world live in your heart, today and always. Wherever and whenever you need something you just have to look for me, call my name, and I’ll be there.