Birthday Messages for Friend

1995 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy birthday to
my second sister!

I'm truly blessed
to have someone
as incredible as
you in my life!
There is no friendship better than ours, girl
My new friend will someday be an old friend
Happy birthday to my soul sister!

We may not be related by blood,
but you are my sister in every
way imaginable. We couldn’t be
any more in sync with one another,
we simply just get each other.
I can’t imagine any two friends
could ever be so perfectly
matched as we are.

Have a fabulous day, my dear!

Big kisses! Love you!
Your friendship means the world to me and more
We spent many incredible years growing up together
Girl, like a fine bottle of wine you
just keep getting better with age!

Enjoy your day, sis. Cheers!
We’ve shared some crazy times together
Everybody should have a friend like you
Happy birthday to my bosom pal, who will always be a sister to me at heart!

Love you!
Wishing my sister from another mister the most fab birthday ever! Love you, girl!
A quick shout out for a friend
You are my driving force
Happy birthday, girl!
Today I am sending you all my
love and the biggest kisses!

My world is so much better
because you are in it. You’re
as close to me as a sister, and
I cherish our friendship so dearly.

Every minute we’re able to spend
together is precious, and the amazing
memories we have made over the
years are unforgettable.

I hope your day is as wonderful as
you are, and tonight let’s go dancing
to celebrate and make some more
incredible memories!
It’s a privilege to call you my best friend
Happy birthday, crazy cat
People say you can’t choose your family,
but when it comes to you they’re wrong.

In you, I found a great friendship which,
over time, grew so strong that somewhere
along the way we became true sisters.

Our relationship is for life, that I know.
I truly love you, my dear, as much
as any sister could.

Wishing you all the bliss and cheerfulness
on your special day!
Wishing you a very happy birthday, bestie!

Looks like all of the attention will be on you today, which isn’t any different from any other day really, is it!

I hope you enjoy yet another special day that’s all about you!

Sending you lots of kisses,
the biggest hugs,
and the best birthday wishes
on your very special day!

Your friendship is the most
important thing to me, and
the bond we share makes
you more of a sister in my eyes.

I know that I can confide in you
100% and that we’ll be there
for each other day and night,
until the end of time.

Have a super fantastic day today,
and may each day that follows be
filled with nothing but blissful
experiences and joyous
memories for you.
I’m greeting you from afar 
But wishing you were near!
Sending big birthday wishes 
To you today, my dear!
Happy birthday to a girl who has stuck by me like a sister. We’ll be the best of friends forever and ever.
I’ll be honest, bestie, I thought you were a lot older than you are!

It’s only because you’re so mature and sensible (most of the time)!

Happy birthday!
I’m hoping this letter finds you well and reminds you that although you may be out of sight, you’re never out of mind!

I’m sending my best birthday wishes and big hugs to you today, my dear! I hope you have a wonderful day full of celebrations!
I’m sending the very best birthday
wishes to my very best bud today as
he celebrates another awesome year!

Enjoy your special day, my brother! 🎂
Happy birthday to the only person
I’d choose to be stranded on a
desert island with!

Well, I wouldn’t ever choose to be
stranded anywhere, but if I had to
choose someone to be stranded
with it would obviously be you!

Happy birthday, bestie!