135 Birthday Wishes For A Friend

Wishing the very happiest of birthdays to a dear friend of mine!

I think it’s safe to say that we are close, way closer than just friends. I want you to know that you mean the world to me and that I have always seen you as much more like a brother than just a friend. 

I hope you have the most incredible birthday, bro!
Happy birthday to my crazy best friend
Few people are both a friend and a sister
Wishing a very happy birthday to my friend who is actually much more like a brother!

However, unlike a brother you live with, we don’t argue over who gets the bigger room or other silly things like that! We just get to experience and enjoy the best parts of having a brother, my friend!

Wishing you the best birthday ever, bro!
Happy birthday to my boy friend
Our friendship is worth clinging to
To my dearest friend who unfortunately lives far away, I’m wishing you the best on your birthday!

Sorry I can’t be there in person to celebrate your special day, but I’m hoping it’s a magical one and we’ll catch up soon!

Happy birthday!
Always more like a sister
Old friends stick around
Hundreds or even thousands of
miles could separate us but the
fact would still remain: you are
my best friend and you always
will be, no matter the distance
between us.

I’m wishing you a great day of
celebrations on your birthday
today, my dear!
You know that I’d love to celebrate your birthday with you today if it was possible, but you’re just a bit out of the way!

I hope you have a wonderful day all the same and I’ll raise a glass to you tonight, my friend! Cheers!
Wishing the happiest of happy birthdays
You're more of a brother than a friend to me
As wonderful as it is having friends
in different parts of the world, the
downside is that we rarely get to
spend birthdays together!

We will have to plan better for the
next one and arrange something
spectacular! Happy birthday to
you today, my friend!
You’ve achieved sister status, my friend
May God continue to bless you, my friend
Happy birthday to
my second sister!

I'm truly blessed
to have someone
as incredible as
you in my life!
Happy birthday to my bosom pal, who will always be a sister to me at heart!

Love you!
Happy birthday to my soul sister!

We may not be related by blood,
but you are my sister in every
way imaginable. We couldn’t be
any more in sync with one another,
we simply just get each other.
I can’t imagine any two friends
could ever be so perfectly
matched as we are.

Have a fabulous day, my dear!

Big kisses! Love you!
Wishing my sister from another mister the most fab birthday ever! Love you, girl!
I’m hoping this letter finds you well and reminds you that although you may be out of sight, you’re never out of mind!

I’m sending my best birthday wishes and big hugs to you today, my dear! I hope you have a wonderful day full of celebrations!
Girl, like a fine bottle of wine you
just keep getting better with age!

Enjoy your day, sis. Cheers!
I’m sending the very best birthday
wishes to my very best bud today as
he celebrates another awesome year!

Enjoy your special day, my brother! 🎂
Happy birthday, girl!
Today I am sending you all my
love and the biggest kisses!

My world is so much better
because you are in it. You’re
as close to me as a sister, and
I cherish our friendship so dearly.

Every minute we’re able to spend
together is precious, and the amazing
memories we have made over the
years are unforgettable.

I hope your day is as wonderful as
you are, and tonight let’s go dancing
to celebrate and make some more
incredible memories!
I’m greeting you from afar 
But wishing you were near!
Sending big birthday wishes 
To you today, my dear!

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