Happy 2nd Birthday Quotes

137 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy birthday to a beautiful, happy
child who turns 2 years old today!

I hope that life keeps blessing you
with happiness, little one!

Enjoy your second birthday, and the
many more birthdays to come!

Big hugs and kisses for you today!
People say that with your second birthday
comes the start of the terrible twos, but I
don’t believe it to be true with you, cutie!

You must be the exception, surely! You are
so sweet, adorable, and well behaved that I
don’t see how it’s possible for you to throw
a tantrum or get in a strop!

Rather, with your second birthday, I think
that we’ll just see you starting to develop
your wonderful personality, little one!

Wishing you a blissful childhood filled with
happy moments and a very happy birthday
today, tiny tot!
Happy birthday to a walking, talking baby girl! You’ve just turned 2 today and already you’re growing up so fast!
Here comes the birthday train as today someone special is turning two! Choo choo!

Happy birthday to you!
Two years old today and look at how much you have grown!

The time has flown by, it seems like only yesterday you were this tiny little thing I could delicately hold in my arms! Now, you’re almost getting too big to lift up!

Wishing you a very happy second birthday and I am hoping that your rate of growth starts to slow down, otherwise you’ll soon be bigger than me!
2 years old and you already mean the world to me. I’m wishing you a lifetime of happiness, for all the wonderful things you will see.
Congratulations to the parents on
completing a second glorious year
of parenthood!

You are doing such a wonderful job,
raising your little bundle of joy the very
best way possible. You certainly set a
high benchmark for all aspiring parents!

Wishing a very happy birthday to your
little one, and sending my love and best
wishes to you all!
Happy birthday to the sweetest, most adorable little prince who turns 2 today!

You certainly are a very special kid, and watching you grow up to become the beautiful boy that you are today truly is one of life’s greatest joys for me.
Wishing you a second birthday filled
with fun games and lots of laughter!

Happy birthday, sweetie!
I can’t believe that you’re already 2
years old, little one! I honestly don’t
know where the time has gone!

You continue to brighten up the lives
of all those around you, with your
infectious smile bringing joy to all.

I wish you the happiest childhood and
that you never stop smiling! A very
happy birthday to you, adorable one!
Today is a special birthday for a beautiful little princess who is turning 2! I’m sending you twice as much love and wishes as I did for your first birthday!
Beautiful baby girl of mine
Today as you’re turning 2
A lifetime of happiness
Is all I ever wish for you.
Sweet baby girl, today you turn 2 years old.

24 months of pure happiness and so
much joy, you have warmed the hearts
of so many in such a short time. I have
no doubt that you’ll continue doing so
for every year to come.

Wishing you a beautiful second birthday.
My sweet nephew turns 2 today!

Here’s to another year full of love,
joy, and happy memories waiting
to be made!
Twice the candles
Double the fun
Today we celebrate
That you’re no longer one!

On your magical day
I wish you but joy
And evermore 
A lifetime you’ll adore!

Have the happiest
Of birthdays,
My dear little one!
Big kisses!