Happy 2nd Birthday Quotes

137 happy birthday wishes found:

Who knew that turning two
Could be so fun, little one!

I hope your special day is
As truly special as you are!

Happy 2nd birthday to you!
Today, baby girl, you turn one 
Year older and even more 
Special in my heart, which 
I didn’t think was possible.

Happy 2nd birthday daughter,
With lots of love from mom.
Birthday boy
You turn 2 today
Another year older
And cuter than ever!

Happy 2nd birthday!
Happy birthday to the loveliest 2-year
-old ever! You are such an inquisitive
little thing, and it’s very clear you’re
going to be very smart growing up!

Always dream big and aim for the
stars, little one! You’re so special that
you’re certainly going to go on to do
great things in this world!

Wishing you the loveliest birthday
today, sweetie!
I’ve heard of many a toddler
Who’ve entered the terrible twos
But you are so adorable and cute
That could never be true of you!
You must be turning terrific two!

Happy 2nd birthday, little one!
My darling child, you have already spent
two whole years on this earth!
Each day you have given me but happiness
and just when I think I couldn’t love you
any more than I do, my heart tricks me and
my love for you just continues to grow with
each passing day.
You are so special to me, and you will
always be the most important human
being in my life.
I wish you the happiest life possible, and
of course a very happy 2nd birthday!

I love you with all my heart, little one!
Happy 2nd birthday, kiddiewink!

Now that you are walking all on your
own, it’s such a delight to see what
a curious, sometimes mischievous,
little explorer you are! There are few
greater joys in life than seeing a little
tot like you discovering the world
around them!

Never stop exploring and always keep
that adorable inquisitive nature you
have, little one!
The most beautiful baby girl is turning two whole years old today! May you have the happiest 2nd birthday ever, little one!
Two already and look at how big you’re getting! You’re going to be such a big boy in no time!

Happy 2nd birthday to you, my dear!
A very cute toddler 
Is turning two
So today will just be
Us celebrating you!

Happy 2nd birthday,
Little one!
Your little one is such a credit
to you! I have never before met
such an adorable two-year-old!

Happy second birthday!
2 years old
Is how old you are
It’s your special day
My little star.

Happy 2nd birthday,
Beautiful baby boy.
My sweet baby niece,
Today you turn 2 
And I couldn’t have 
Any more love for you. 

You truly are the
Greatest blessing.

Happy 2nd birthday.
A miniature hug
A little kiss
Your tiny cuddles
Fill me with bliss!

Your little giggle
Your adorable smile
Are things that make
Parenting worthwhile!

Wishing you a 2nd
Birthday full of joy
And a lifetime of
Happiness, my sweet
Little toddler!
You are twice as old now
than you were last year!

Happy 2nd birthday,
adorable one!