Happy 2nd Birthday Quotes

137 happy birthday wishes found:

2 years old and what a 
beautiful baby girl you are. 
May life bring only happiness 
to you, my precious little star. 
My sweet son,
My beautiful baby boy
Everything I am
And everything I have
Is all for you
And always will be.

Happy birthday.
For 24 magical months, you have been
blessing our lives with happiness and joy!

Happy birthday to you, little one!
Happy birthday, my sweet nephew.

Today you turn 2, and I couldn’t
be more proud to be the aunty of
a wonderful baby boy like you.
You truly are a little miracle and
the most beautiful blessing.
Wow! You’re already two-years-old,
little one! Where does the time go?!

Since you came into our lives you’ve
managed to warm our hearts, put
huge smiles on our faces and speed
up time, apparently!

Who would have thought that such a
tiny human could have such a gigantic
impact on such things!

Wishing you all the love in the world
on your very special second birthday!
Turning 2 is a super big deal, especially when the kid is as special as you are!

I’m wishing you a birthday full of joy and a lifetime filled with happiness, baby boy. A child like you truly deserves the world.
A cute and adorable boy like you deserves the most fantastic birthday as he turns two! Happy birthday number two, baby boy!
A super beautiful boy is turning 2 today!

May all of the joy and happiness in
the world come your way on your very
special day, and just keep multiplying
day after day!

Sending you sweet wishes, baby boy!
Happy birthday to a baby boy
Who isn’t only turning 2
He’s also becoming cuter
And more adorable too!
Double the age you were last year, and twice as cute, too!

Happy second birthday, adorable one!
Today, we are celebrating two whole years of you, baby boy. May many years full of joy and happiness await you.
Today, sweet boy, we celebrate 2 whole years of love, light, and laughter that you’ve brought to my life since you entered the world 24 months ago.

I can wholeheartedly say that you are the single most important thing in my life, and that feeling only seems to grow by the day.

Happy birthday with all my love, little one. 
This adorable teeny tot is
turning 2 already!

Wishing you a life filled
with happiness and a very
happy birthday today!
Happy birthday to my new favorite 14-year-old! May your second year of being a teenager be even better than the first!
Happy birthday to the second
most beautiful person in the
world after me, of course!