Happy 2nd Birthday Quotes

137 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy 2nd birthday to our little bundle of
joy! Thank you for blessing our lives with
pure happiness for the last 2 years!

You are without a doubt the single most
important thing in our lives! We love you
so incredibly much, little one!
Happy 2nd birthday, little one.

The joy that you brought into this world
2 years ago has only gotten brighter,
stronger, and more wonderful each day.
You truly are a little miracle that warms
the hearts of all those around you.

God bless you, sweet baby girl.
Sweet baby girl, every time I look into your eyes my heart is instantly filled with joy, happiness, and so much love. Happy 2nd birthday, my adorable little princess. 
A special little girl deserves a
very special day, too! I hope that
today, on your second birthday
ever, you feel just like the beautiful
little princess that you are, sweetie.

Happy 2nd birthday to you!
Happy second birthday! You are too cute to handle, tiny one!

Your adorable little smile rubs off on all of those around you, and you spread so much happiness without even knowing it!

So, for the most adorable two-year-old ever, let’s make today double the fun, twice as nice, and doubly awesome than your birthday last year!

Big kisses, little one!
Happy 2nd birthday, little one!

Wishing you love, laughter
and lots of cake today!
A little birdie told me that it's your
birthday today, so I’m wishing you
a very happy 2nd birthday, little cutie!
You’re already getting so big
Now that you’ve turned 2
I’m so excited to see all of
The fantastic things you’ll do!

Happy 2nd birthday!
Who would have thought that in just
24 months a human being as little
and as tiny as you could have such
an effect on this world. You have
already stolen the hearts of so
many with your adorable giggle
and cute smile.

May you have many more years as
happy as these past 2 have been.

Happy 2nd birthday, princess.
Happy 2nd birthday, nephew! 

You’re the cutest and most awesome little boy and I couldn’t be prouder to be your uncle!
My sweet baby niece is celebrating her 2nd
birthday today! Happy birthday, sweet girl.

May life have only the most precious
plans in store for you ❤️️
Happy 2nd birthday, nephew!

You continue to fill my heart with love
and make me forever proud to be your
aunty. Love you loads, sweet baby boy!
My sweet granddaughter, you’re
growing so quickly as today you turn
2, and just as you grow so does the
immense love that I have for you. 

Happy 2nd birthday, baby girl.
Happy 2nd birthday to my sweet and adorable granddaughter. You are the most precious person in my life and I will love you unconditionally with my whole heart today, tomorrow, and forevermore.
I have only the sweetest birthday wishes for the sweetest birthday boy today! May your 2nd birthday ever be even better than the 1st!