Happy Birthday Dear

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Happy birthday to you, dear brother.

On your special day today, I want you to know that I appreciate you for the great guy that you are. I am forever grateful to have the best friend and sibling I can always confide in and talk to about absolutely anything.

You really are the best, bro.
A crazy friend is the best kind of friend
Heart-touching wishes for a husband far away
Happy birthday to a very special
and dear friend of mine!

You are a sister to me in the truest
meaning of the word, even if we
are from different parents!

I hope your birthday this year is
an especially fabulous one!
Your friendship means the world to me and more
I'm proud to have a sister like you
Happy birthday to one of my nearest
and dearest! As a friend, you’re as
close to family as they come without
being blood-related.

You’re so important to me and my
only wish for you is that you find
happiness in everything that you do. 
Our friendship is more than just that
Old friends stick around
Dearest friend, today I am wishing you a day that surpasses that of all other days!

I hope your birthday celebrations leave you as content as you can be, with some lasting memories of your special occasion!

A very happy birthday to you!
Many happy returns to you, my friend!

Your birthday brings around an
opportunity to reminisce over all of the
great times that we’ve shared and the
amazing memories we’ve created!

I’ll treasure those moments until the
end of time.

I’m sending my very best wishes to
you today and I hope we have many
more years of sharing joyful moments
together ahead!
I wouldn’t trade our friendship for the world
Your beauty is enchanting, my dear sister-in-law
I’m sending all my love to one of my closest friends today! Happy birthday! Know that you’re so very precious to me and you always will be!
You gave me everything, my dear wife
Sweet wishes from across the miles, sis
Happy birthday to an extraordinary friend of mine! You’re a constant source of happiness in my life and I’m very grateful for you!
Friends as precious as you are
few and far between, my dear!

I’m wishing you an absolutely
wonderful birthday today as
you celebrate another glorious
year of your life!
Happy birthday to one of my very dearest!

You’ve always been a close friend of mine and I have no doubt that you’ll continue to be for all eternity. You mean a great deal to me and I hope you always remember that!
I’ve had many friends in my life, past and present, but few have been as dear to me as you are! I’m wishing you a truly wonderful birthday today!
I miss you, my dear friend, and even
though distance separates us on your
birthday this year, always know that
you are close to me in my heart.

I hope you have an enjoyable birthday,
and I can’t wait to celebrate with you
once we are reunited!
From the first moment we met
I knew you would be my wife,
to have and to hold you
for the rest of my life.

I hope that today brings
you nothing but bliss,
as you are the sweetest
person ever to exist.

My love for you, my dear
wife, it is endless.

Happy birthday, my
beautiful wife!
Happy birthday to
the woman that brings
sunshine to my life,
my dear caring
and loving wife!

You’re the person in
whom I can confide
and I’m so lucky to
have you by my side.

Have the special day
that you most deserve,
my beautiful wife!

Happy birthday!
A friend like you
is a beacon of light
in anyone's life.
I am very lucky to
have you as a friend,
and so today I
rejoice even more,
because it’s your birthday.

Congratulations! Have lots
of fun and please,
never leave my side.
I wish you all the happiness
this world can offer. Happy
birthday, my dear friend!
Happy birthday to a great man, a dear
husband, and a loving father!

You bring an abundance of love and
happiness to the lives of so many,
spreading your infectious, joyous
personality. You truly are the sweetest,
most wonderful person!

Enjoy your special day, my dear!

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