Happy Birthday Dear

839 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy bday! Wishing you a day full of happiness and a year full of love, my dear!

I wish only the best for you, always!
Happy birthday from miles away
A friend and a brother
Cheers to our magnificent compadre!

We are all raising a glass in your honour
today, to celebrate another fantastic year
of your life! Happy birthday to you!
Another year for your collection, big bro
Cute birthday wishes with love for my sister-in-law
For a very special friend
Of whom I truly am blessed
I wish nothing but joy
And all the very best!

Today it's all about you
For it is your birthday
Let us sing, dance and celebrate
To honour your special day!
I see a lot of myself in you, little sis
Your message meant the most to me
Wishing someone special the happiest birthday ever!

You are so dear to me, you are much more like family!
Sending you lots of kisses,
the biggest hugs,
and the best birthday wishes
on your very special day!

Your friendship is the most
important thing to me, and
the bond we share makes
you more of a sister in my eyes.

I know that I can confide in you
100% and that we’ll be there
for each other day and night,
until the end of time.

Have a super fantastic day today,
and may each day that follows be
filled with nothing but blissful
experiences and joyous
memories for you.
Wishing you all the love and joy on your 30th
Sending my best wishes to you, sis
Your big special day is finally here!
Happy 30th birthday to you, my friend!

I hope this wonderful milestone in your
life brings you all the love, happiness,
and success that you so deserve.
I’m wishing only the very best for you!
From each other, we’re far away
And we might not speak every day
But you’re always in my thoughts 
And you’ll forever be in my heart.
This is why to me, 
We’re never truly apart.

I’m sending you my dearest 
Birthday wishes today, sister.
Simple birthday wishes
For a close friend like you
Are simply not enough,
They just won’t do.

So I’m sending these wishes
That are unique, just for you
With the hope that your day
Sees all your wishes come true.
Growing up I always wanted a sister. A best friend for life and someone I could share my deepest thoughts with. I asked God many times to bless me with a sister, but the message must have been lost somewhere along the way since I only got a brother.

The years went by and this wish completely vanished from my mind. But one happy day my brother found for himself a wonderful wife, a beautiful person, who, with time, would be a sister to me.

To my sister-in-law, my dear sister, the sister I always wished for, I wish the most amazing of birthdays!
Another year has passed since you came into our lives, dear brother-in-law. You were a kid then, but you have grown into an amazing man and a wonderful husband to my sister.

I barely knew you then, but now, I must say, you are one of the most important people in my life. You are like a brother to me.

Have an amazing birthday!
Today we celebrate your life, dear sister-in-law, and I must share that I have disagreed with my brother many times, except when he decided to marry the sweet and wonderful woman that you are.

I am truly blessed for having such a wonderfully caring friend and relative.

I hope you have a fabulous day and many more candles to blow!
Happy birthday to my brother from
another mother!

Although we aren’t blood-related,
I still consider you to be my brother
all the same, my dear friend!

Wishing you but greatness in life and
hoping that you have an absolutely
amazing birthday today, bro!
I’m wishing a very, very happy birthday
to you today, buddy.

Not all friends are dear enough that you
see them as more of a sibling than just a
friend, so if you’re lucky enough to find a
person like that you have to hold onto
them forever.

I’m blessed that I found a brother in
you, my friend.
Wishing my closest friend and
sister at heart the most beautiful
birthday imaginable today!

I hope your day is filled with love
and joy, my dear!