Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

257 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy birthday, sweetie! May this birthday of yours be as sweet as your soul and as truly beautiful as you are!
Happy anniversary, my glam gal!

You’re just as beautiful as the day I first met you, if not even more so!

Love you always!
It’s hard to shop for someone who
already has everything their heart
could ever desire, so I just decided
not to get you anything!

Besides, what more could you really
want than a perfect boyfriend like me!

Happy birthday, sweetie!
On our anniversary today, my beautiful girl, I want to air my appreciation for you and all that you do! I love you with all my heart, forever and always!
Happy birthday!

May this day of all days be extra special for you, my love!
The best things in life come in
pairs and we are a great pair!

Happy birthday, my one true love!
Happy birthday over there, my sweetheart. I can personally say that distance does indeed make the heart grow fonder.
You are a blessing in anyone’s life and especially so in mine. I’m lucky to have you, my sweetheart.
I know that I tell you this every day, but
you are the most beautiful girl in the whole
world and I love you immensely!

Happy anniversary, hun!
You deserve a birthday that celebrates you for all that you are, my love.

Happy birthday, here’s to you.
I miss you more the farther apart
we are. I can’t wait until the day I’ll
see your beautiful face in person again.

I hope you’re still able to enjoy
your birthday without me there today.
I promise we’ll have our own celebration
when we’re together again.
I always send you my deepest,
most heartfelt birthday wishes
on your special day each year,
but the wishes I’m sending you
this year are just that little bit
more so and extra special to
make up for the distance.

Happy birthday, my love.
Happy birthday, my beautiful girl!

I know exactly how you must feel on your birthday today since you make each and every day feel like a birthday for me! You are the most wonderful gift that keeps on giving, sweetie!
Happy birthday, my gorgeous gf!

It’s not often you find a guy
With both beauty and brains,
So you’re super lucky to have 
Found both those qualities in me!
How do you do it, my love? How do you defy nature and manage to look younger with each passing birthday?!

It’s supposed to work the opposite way!

Love you!